Dupes! Love them or hate them, they are around for a reason (I have 3 great reasons to share with you).Baccarat Rouge and its dupes have become ubiquitous in the fragrance world. Their shared fragrance profile has proven to be groundbreaking with new heavily inspired fragrances coming out every few months, STILL! With so many out there, Which one is FOR YOU? Which Ones is the BEST one, Which is the SEXIEST, Most VERSATILE, UNISEX?, FEMININE? Which one is on the chopping block!… And more. 💕💋TIMESTAMPS BELOW for your convenience.


0:26 – Before We Get Into IIIIT….
1:34 – 😅Also ALSO before we get into it.
1:58 – Single Notes (Cherry Blossom, Rice, Passionfruit, Coconut – Let me Know Which One you want to See NEXT💖)
2:39 – 3 Reasons DUPES Exist and Why You Might Be Interested
5:04 – What Is Considered a DUPE? (Kinda controversial..)
5:41 – On the Value of Dupes and Affordable Fragrances
6:46 – Why the BR540 Dupes Updated Video?
7:35 – The “Accurate” Dupe – Versatile and Unisex (Al Haramain Amber oud Rouge)
8:15 – That Clinical Scent : What Does it Smell Like?
9:42 – A Resinous Sweet Cherry (Dark Cherry Amber Banana Republic)
10:05 – My Least Reached-For Dupe
12:04 – Sultry, Deep, Unisex, Rich, Exudes Confidence & Mature Grounded Sexuality (Mancera Instant Crush)
14:40 – The Youthful, Jovial, Pretty & Feminine One
16:02 – Ariana Grande Cloud – Has it Stood the Test of Dupes?
17:54 – Ranking All My Dupes + more Thoughts
18:42 – What I want to hear from YOU 🤗
19:56 – The Future of Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes
20:41 – What Is Coming UP NEXT on the Channel 😘


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• 🪄Fragrances mentioned:
Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Mancera Instant Crush
Al Haramain Amber oud Rouge
Banana Republic Dark Cherry and Amber
Ariana Grande Cloud
Burberry Her
Pear Inc Juliette Has a Gun
Daisy Eau So Intense Marc Jacobs
Ajmal Aristocrat

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Paola Bianka https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkb-dLhlW4soqAOSLh7pjxg

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  1. Hi y’all – Thank you so much for being here – Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about the whole Baccarat DNA (so to speak) And AlSO —> which SINGLE NOTE video you want to see next (cherry blossom, rice, passionfruit, coconut, AND any of your special requests 😘) As always, I appreciate you and thank you for watching, liking, and subscribing.🤗💕

  2. My single note request is mint, although I know that that’s not a common one in women’s perfume! Just got Green Lover by Lolita Lempicka, which is a mint vanilla blend and I am OBSESSED. I also have tried Rocco Mint by DedCool, and so now I realize I love minty notes, but they’re mostly in men’s perfumes. From your choices, I’d say rice simply because that one sounds so intriguing- I don’t know that I have anything with a rice note!

  3. I'd like a video on "weird notes like rocks and rain and everything in between and at the edges of my senses". As I like the scent of rain on concrete, light rain on dirt, asphalt/hotmix and new magazines.

  4. Really enjoyed watching 😊 I recently smelled Tinharé by Le Couvent and I would say it’s the most accurate dupe to the original I’ve tried, but sadly not great lasting power. Also a fan of Cloud, as you mention, for different reasons. Sometimes I prefer it because it’s less woody and more sweet than BR. Looking forward to more single note videos!

  5. I dont like BR540. I used to, but it turned on me. Even the extrait. But Burberry Her is Lovely, and that one Im getting. I would like to see a vid about cherry blossom🌸

  6. Lovely video ❤️

    I don't have any br540 dupes. I was tempted by the cherry and amber one but couldn't try it so didn't buy it. I tried the purple one of that line, tonka and…. Wasn't keen. I tried cloud on paper once and all I could smell was warm sugar and medical smell. It didn't grab me, but maybe it's nicer on skin?

    I also like single note videos. I think passion fruit would be nice right now! I've seen a few coconut videos recently but that is also very summery.

  7. It’s amazong how Cloud is so similar ro br540 edp when it is totally dried down.. i smelled my shirt with Cloud and I seriously thought if used my br540 sample …. 💙

  8. You are too cute!! Love these vid's!!
    I have a weakness for rice pudding, aside from a dupe for hypnotic poison I have no other rice note fragrances 🤔 but summer.. coconut notes 🤔 ❤❤ 👏

  9. I enjoy 540 especially being a male in my 70 I have been a cologne guy since I was 12 years old. Baccarat Rouge has gained me numerous Compliments after compliments , my whole house hold my wife and Daughter we each wear it. I have even worn Cloud because Cloud on the Drydown smells very Masculine on the Musky vibe. You in This Review mentioned Hypnotic Poison is a Dupe for A Men cologne Dior Homme they almost smell similar

  10. Girl, check out Mercari! People are always selling testers for BR540 very cheap. Anyways, love your videos! I’d love to see a coconut fragrance range, it’s my favorite 🤤

  11. I do own al haramain and is like suddective .Yes after spraying smells medical but after a while smells very good like de top of de butle when you smel it before spraying.

  12. Hi, I have this and love everything about it, the bottle, everything is so classy and so like BACCARAT 540! I would love you to do a review of another dupe I’ve discovered, Ajmal Aristocrat for Her, I’ve not smelled it yet but would love your opinion! X

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