1. Thought it was creative, fun and sassy. Loved the contrast of dressing to 'the nines' hitting the nightclubs for that casino experience and then having just as much fun dressed in her swimsuit, hanging out with her family by the pool, playing BF. Well done BF !

  2. Very cheesy. Trying to look professional but not succeeding, it is not a casino game,it is a regular everyday type game. Try something realistic. The woman dreaming about being in Vegas and back to reality has been way overdone

  3. Why is the mom celebrating getting a Queen @ 0:13? Assuming she's playing Blackjack she would have busted at that point. Unless that was the dealer. Maybe I shouldn't spend any more time analyzing this…

  4. It’s very bad game and scams they banned me when im Vip 13 without any reason even i try support but machine auto answer i spend more 17 thousands dollar be careful.

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