We got to live at one of the most chic five star hotels in Manhattan for our Valentine’s Staycation… The Baccarat Hotel is completely stunning and the service was beyond incredible. If you go, you must try their grilled cheese!! They were so generous and kind, even tho we have the absolute worst French accents in the world. A dream come true. Thank you Baccarat. You are iconic!!

All Black Feather top outfit: http://liketk.it/38sxz
Feather PJs: http://liketk.it/37PVx
Mike in Nike 😂 : http://liketk.it/37Swc
Baccarat Perfume: http://liketk.it/39Xqt



  1. So many highlights.. yelling @ the curtains “I said close—ahhh”, calling downstairs, multiple times, free water, “I don’t wanna pay for that”, million dollar grilled cheese… so much content. My sides hurt! I’m dying 😂😂

  2. It’s Mike saying “ I don’t want to pay for that” for me 🤣🤣🤣😂how cute he didn’t know you can wear it. His humbleness makes him even more attractive & real. Cuteness x100!

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