Burberry Her vs Ariana Grande Cloud (MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes)

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Burberry Her EDP

Ariana Grande Cloud

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  1. I got Ariana grande cloud parfum yesterday morning and when i did smell it at first i did feel it whas more a male parfum, but after a litel wile it got more sweet, coconut, candy smell but whit a huge musk. I rly like cloud parfum, my kids did say i did smell like a creamy vanilla cake whit some mint, my hubby did say i did smell like a Burnt oven 😂😂 sadly, but as long as I love The parfum then its all good. Dont you agree? 😉🌺

  2. I got Cloud yesterday. It was an blind buy, cause no possibility to try it in Belgium. I like "gourmand". But here… I can't. It is so disgusting to me. I just can't. I had to hide it, so my daughter is not able to use it accidentally. It smells like burned sugar so strong that it becomes a strong medicine smell. Can't hear anything else, no praline, no coconut, just burned sugar on a burned cookie, where your healthy bodysens says: you eat it, you'll get cancer. It was in my nose all the evening, I had the feeling to hear it everywhere in the house. It is so disgusting, that all of my other perfumes seemed to make me sick (just to talk about brings the scent so clearly back in my mind, that I start to hear it everywhere again). I will give it away for free to someone, who is not my family, friend or colleague without any risk to hear it again.
    How different we are, so many people love it. In the worst case it could be just something not really interesting and my daughter could use it for school…
    The first time, that a blind buy was an real disaster.

  3. My sister has Her and its SOOO strong, one spray is enough and its too sweet smelling. Like straight up sugar and berry, makes me nauseous… not a fan but after a while it smells pretty. The toilette version is way better

  4. I brought a travel spray of Ariana Grande Cloud where I received constant compliments. While I liked the perfume, there was a point where a lavender scent came through and I was worried it would become masculine, but the lavender scent wasn't there for long. I recently tested Burberry Her edp and its a nice scent, but I can see why people were mentioning a synthethic strawberry scent but the dry down is amazing (as well as the lasting power)

  5. Thanks for sharing, I Love Patchouli and Tuberose and Vanilla and others. I am a beginner but I have many fragrances Just never really paid attention to the Base notes @ all, but now I do. I have Samples of MFK Baccart rouge 540 & samples of A la rose and Xerjoff it was to strong and Oudie for me I gave it to my Son. I love Fragrances Maybe I do not have many Top-Of-the-Line but I have enough & keep buying since I started watching the fragrance channel 12-27-2020

  6. I sincerely fear getting any of these because I can’t smell cloud at all, idk why, but I sprayed it in a store and in like alone minute I could not detect it. So getting the more expensive ones is something I fear because I do not want to spend my coins and not even smell it after.

  7. When I first bought Cloud I absolutely loved it. Then during my first trimester of my pregnancy I could not stand it! I could not wear perfume until my third trimester. Lol I ended up selling it and now I want it back.

  8. Cloud is BEAUTIFUL, I bought a decant and I fell in love, I already have a big bottle, I will buy a few back ups because I love it soooooo much that I'm afraid if it ever gets discontinued. I highly recommended it !!! Just blind buy it if you love sweet fragances (it's sweet but not the typical sweet… It's like deep and warm, very comforting, lovely for winter or autumn, even springs' nights)
    Waiting on my Burberry Her decant, can't wait to try it

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