Making Money Baccarat, What system, What Betting style,
Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is
Not all sellers are scams Just be carefull



  1. Awesome thanks for the updates. Yea been finding that the law of "every reactions has a equal and opposite reaction" law to be true.

    Yet the casino still has the upper hand lol.

  2. a casino amigo great video as usual yeah it sounds like Jason sample brunson FX and Christopher Mitchell all the above yeah they all have a winning system the winning system is really in the math of the game itself you're winning bets must be higher than you're losing bets that's it in other words if using up one down 1 progression with a random selection and if you have 400 units bankroll you can make Stanley daily profits but most people don't have that we'd love to talk give me a call 434-251-5007 thanks buddy have a great day.

  3. I have never gotten taken and I've never ever ever ever played for any baccarat or craps or whatever system however casino amigo I would love to send you a book by Stetson Bailey it's a great little book about craps however it is relative and works with baccarat and baccarat as you know is a true 50/50 game and craps is not send me a give me a call and I will send it to you 434-251-5007 its butt again as I said you need a bankroll and most people don't have that because if they said if they had a 400 unit bankroll they wouldn't be playing or gambling 😂😒😑😑😑😡😑😂😑😂😉

  4. yeah casino me goyette Jason sample kicked me off his Facebook Facebook forum Facebook page whatever because I kept saying them what is your best selection he says what I just read the shoe and I said what is your bed selection what is this you telling you he's a tall you're a loser why you even here and I said why cuz I wouldn't continually but I like to at least get a kick out of seeing what other people do the guy and the guy is full of crap in my opinion but yeah he kicked me off because I presented a bonafide 99% reliable methodology based on randomness and we know these shoes are not random they are programmed by a programmer and for the shuffle machine the deal them out and he didn't even know that they were not random he said the shoes are all random nice said your mother's random

  5. you got my number amigo we should talk I'll send you that book right now send me your email address 434-251-5007 it's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Virginia and it's 80° already.

  6. This really is one of your best videos. Short & to the point. Anyone new to all this and looking for a “get somewhat rich” System will change their mind about buying a one after watching this video. You’ve really helped people with this one. 👍👍👍Thx again for an entertaining video!

  7. I'm still really interested in that 2's strategy, I'm wondering if there are more information about that.
    I think I still like systems that requires a bit of scoreboard reading rather than just doing pattern matchups, but that's just me

  8. Good morning Wilson , you tube are putting on scam adverts regarding bitcoin , please investigate, theses ads really cheese me off , keep up the great work and enjoy your positive outlook !

  9. No wait a minute- i have this really really brilliant foolproof system thats simple and easy to apply to any casino game of even chance odds. I'm just not going to tell you about it until you send me $$$$$$$$$$$. Don't be a loser anymore and join the countless thousands i have helped get rich.

  10. Hey Wilson, Great Vid. Glad you are letting people know that those con men are selling worthless systems to people. Think about it. If someone actually had a system to defeat Bac that gave them an ACTUAL mathematical edge over the casino would they really be making vids & selling it or would they be playing Bac 10 hours a day? Many people are desperate so they really want to believe all the BS. When they buy a system it just puts them deeper in the hole. Systems like Martingale and other negative Progressions always work well until they don't. Here's hoping that you don't hit a bust out with your 6 step Marty for a LONG time yet. So far you've done a good job of dancing in between the rain drops. I hope that continues for you. Your way of play is as good as any and better than most.

  11. Yeah I'm always pretty skeptical when it comes to people claiming to have a system that is unbeatable, but it's nice to hear it coming from other people too. The only way that systems can truly be unbeatable is only if one of the casino games had a serious flaw to them, which they don't. If they did have a flaw in which people could exploit, then the casinos would be out of business/out of money in no time. Casinos are only set up for one reason and one reason only. To make money. Thanks.

  12. CM did exactly what you said here and its Jan 2021. He told his current facebook group Pay MORE money and you get my new system.. I found his videos advertising Pay once and never again. I am out 500 but big deal it cost me 500 to find out CM is a scammer and he gets his money from his members not his Baccarat systems. If he had confidence in what he does it wouldnt be new every other week. Seems someone here has always used BBP and CM stole it and put it in his group. Thats not his new system BTW.

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