A Chinese casino empire to rival Macau is investing big in Cambodia, transforming a once-sleepy seaside town into a hub for gangsters and shady operators.
Tens of thousands of Chinese workers have moved to Sihanoukville, many working in the backrooms of hastily built casinos or labouring night and day on construction sites.
As soaring skyscrapers fill the horizon, the Cambodian government is welcoming the massive cash injection with open arms.
But as homes are demolished and roads collapse under the weight of construction, resentment among locals is growing.
101 East investigates the underworld figures cashing in on Cambodia’s casino boom.

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  1. So sad to watch it. The Casinos recruited under age people. I hope they could earn enough money to go back to school. They have better opportunity once they finish their studies. *Cambodia became the Las Vegas of Asia. It's so sad that lots of crimes happened because of the Casinos. I hope the Government think much. They became rich, what about their people.the poor became poorer..
    ** Corruption is obviously seen..

  2. The Cambodian people are living hard lives. I think it’s time for the nice and generous ones to help them, like they helped Africa. And these help will be painless, right?
    Casinos should be banned though.

  3. Cambodia is just the latest country to experience 'growing pains' of the worst sort. Because there's so much greed and corruption worldwide, all we can do is watch; better days are not forthcoming…

  4. I lived in snooky for 10 years, and it was the best place to live in south east asia, now its to be avoided. Though i have to admit, that the under age girl who works in the casino, is far better off working there than the alternative.

  5. I first arrived in Sihanoukville (SHV) 2009 and like most foreigners thoroughly enjoyed the climate, the seas, the low cost of living, the "laid back" vibe and the freedom from state control. If you ask if the redevelopment was detrimental to that SHV, the answer is a definite "yes". There was another SHV however, that occupied by the Khmer population. That SHV was a down-at-heel, undeveloped, poverty stricken fishing village which offered it's citizens very few opportunities to work their way out of their poverty. If you ask if the developments were detrimental to that SHV, if the transformation to a city designed to meet the 21st century, a transformation that brought a huge number of better paying jobs, ask if it was detrimental to that SHV and you'd get a resounding no. There is an additional extremely important factor when weighing pros and cons. This is to recognize that developments in Sihanoukville were part of a comprehensive deal between Cambodia and China. A true assessment can only be arrived at when the national context is included.

  6. 金钱如果没有法制的牢笼,就会变成洪水猛兽,对着在国外无法无天的黑社会,真的感到痛心,伤害当地的治安,还严重损害中国人在国外的形象。

  7. I'm a Chinese from mainland, i don't like gov paid a lot of money to build infrastructure & business in Africa & Southeast Asia as well. CCP wanna build some friendships among these places internationally, but they wont really get the ppl's recognition over there.

  8. I feel very sorry for Cambodian and some nations in south and south East Asia bad corruption governments sooner or later CCP will take control

  9. good job, all this rubbish should be severely punished according to Chinese laws, and the efforts to crack down on crimes committed by overseas Chinese should spread outside China

  10. 满满的偏见。西方只会给柬埔寨带去地雷和炸弹,看看那么多被霉国炸弹炸断的腿,怎么就没有西方媒体报道。中国人去之前,大部分柬埔寨人连饭都没有办法吃饱,住的都是几根木棍支撑的“房子”,一双拖鞋,1-2套衣服就是他们的全部“资产。这些都是西方希望看到的亚洲人乞讨的样子。

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