1. Nobody bothered by how the first guy gets killed and none of the bullet marks shows or any blood ? They jus shooting air at my boi while he laying in the snow😂😂😂

  2. 3 of them meh hes a good kid solid one says why take a chance, this is how ruthless the real banksters are.Think about that next time your government locks you down under their orders

  3. Fun fact: Frank Culotta – the real guy Frank Vincent played – was the one who fires the first shot to the back of Greene’s head.

  4. "Look, why take a chance"

    Absolutely brilliant. If you remember at the start of the movie, Nicky stated that Remo was a terrible gambler. With this line we see why Remo is one of the few winners in this film – he doesn't gamble and he doesn't take risks. He doesn't need to be a good gambler because the only way to win in the end is not to gamble.

    Everyone in Vegas, – living a dangerous lifestyle – innenvitably end up paying the price for their risk taking.

    In the end the house always wins. The house wins because they don't take risks, they guarantee a profit. Remo and the Mob bosses are the house.

    I guess the over arching moral of the story is that if you gamble, with money or your life, you are bound to lose eventually.

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  6. Fun fact: the hit man with the glasses is named Frank Cullotta, who was actually in the Hole in the wall gang that participated in the burglary rings with Tony Spilotro (The real Nicky santoro)

  7. I wondered what happened to Amy, Sam & Ginger's daughter. Probably ended up in an orphanage or with foster parents because Ace, in my opinion, was unfit to be a father due to his ties with the TU, the Outfit, his criminal record, etc.

  8. So 3 of the bosses loved the guy and trusted him completely but one boss said why take a chance and the other three changed their minds on taking out a guy they trusted

  9. Those two guys who were taken out into the desert and shot in the head would be the worst. Imagine being tied up and driving a significant distance with your killers, only knowing they are going to bury you in a hole momentarily. There are some cold mother fuckers out there, that’s for sure.

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