What’s happening in this Casino movie clip?
At the casino, some cowboy is disrespectful and puts his boots on a table. Ace asks him to take his boots off but the man won’t. Ace calls the security, which takes care of him and throws him out. An hour later, Ace gets a call from Nicky and he learns that the cow boy was one of Nicky’s men. Nicky asks what happens and is furious to hear that one of his men has been disrespectful to Ace. He apologizes to Ace and hangs up, ready to punish the cowboy.

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What’s the movie Casino about?
In the early 1970s, Sam “Ace” Rothsteinn (Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver and The Godfather) is sent to Las Vegas by the Chicago Mafia to run the Tangiers Hotel and Casino, which is financed by the powerful truckers’ union and serves as a front for the Mafia. He has absolute control over all the day-to-day business, and runs this “promised land” with an iron fist, while the money flows freely. The Tangiers is one of the most prosperous casinos in the city and Ace has become the big boss in Vegas, assisted by his childhood friend, Nicky Santoron (Joe Pesci from Raging Bull and The Irishman). But this one is going to gradually take his distance to engage in a darker and criminal way. Rothstein is ruthless with cheaters and obsessed with controlling all events, yet he is seduced by a prostitute, Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct and The Mighty), a virtuoso hustler and an insolent beauty. Madly in love, he opens the doors of his world to her, marries her and gives her a child. But their relationship turns out to be just like Las Vegas, glittering in appearance, but in reality eaten away from the inside. Once seduced, Ginger can’t get over her former pimp, Lester Diamond (James Woods from Holocaust and The Onion Field), a small time crook. The well-oiled machinery of the Tangiers and Sam’s personal life will soon break down, and all the characters will be doomed in one way or another, with no redemption possible.

Credits: © 1995 Universal Pictures

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  1. One of my favorite movies….but I think Pesci may have briefly been channeling his character from "Home Alone" when he used the comment "You get outta line over there again and I'll smash your head so hard you won't be able to get that cowboy hat on"…lol….kills me every time I hear it 😉

  2. Vegas native 56 this film is the most accurate one I've seen I remember the car bomb on Sahara just east of the strip Bertha's hole in the wall gang spilotros gold store front west of strip on Sahara this shit really happened my mom was a maid at international Hilton when Elvis was there said the mob treated people good . like the movie the corporates f d it up .I worked casino jobs til about 92 that's about the time we officially lost sin city.man growing up there in 70s & 80s what an experience.pity really for Vegas kids today they don't even have a clue.

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