1. 1:14 What you guys didn’t noticed was Felix knew what Bond was going threw and he stood there with him until the very end and that is how he knew Bond might do something dumb he kept an eye on him and stopped him in the end. They truly are Bros.. 😌

  2. my favorite , sometimes you need … little brother to be there for you … ( yes … for the uniformed … we are little brother) … without the british empire … there would never have been an america …….

  3. Guys I have a question:-
    After Bond defeated Le Chiffre and said "he's all yours, much appreciated brother" why did Felix just disappear?? Wasn't he supposed to take him in to custody? He didn't even come to rescue Bond, it was Mr White who came to the rescue instead

  4. “Does it look like we need the money?”

    I like that Felix Leiter got one of the best lines in the film. He usually just stands along the sidelines and gets forgotten.

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