1. I remember thinking the movie was over, but then this scene started. I thought, "What now?" But when he delivered his iconic introduction and the Bond Theme was queued, I was more than pleased; I was satisfied. This was the perfect ending to his origin story.

  2. Producers has to hire a new young fresh face to bring back the sarcastic quotient or else they can remake some of the classics of Connery & Moore! That is the reason I'v been lobbying for AIDAN TURNER, Who's 37 but looks like a 27/28 years old, he looks completely opposite of Craig n can bring a YOUTHFUL funny fresh approach to BOND!! He's been Outstanding in LEONARDO & POLDARK!!! He's my fellow GEMINI I know he can pull it off 😀

  3. Who ever commissioned that house in that location
    Should have their own theme tune instead of telling ppl their full name.

    They put their money to very beautiful use.

  4. Trump is the bond. Q exists. Evil villains in bond movies are true to life.
    Bill gates, Soros , rupert murdoch, ect… illuminati, these people are sicker than bond villains

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