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James Bond has been a staple of cinema for decades and decades. The franchise really took a turn in 2006 with the critically-acclaimed ‘Casino Royale’ — a grittier take on the character starring Daniel Craig. Although the movie was definitely a refreshing change for Bond, the movie raises a lot of questions. Like why did James Bond have to do parkour? Why did he murder the guy he was trying to keep alive? Why didn’t they just capture Le Chiffre instead of joining in on his little poker tournament?

To answer all these questions and more, step inside the pitch meeting that led to Casino Royale! It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience!

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  1. To be fair, he was also in hospital because before he got his balls crushed, he also did 59 rolls and flips with his car when he crashed it to avoid Vesper.

  2. Ryan… your comedy is excellent.
    "Casino Royale " is one of my favourite films…. but your criticism sketch has had me in stitches laughing.

    Well done, sir. Brava.

  3. I love the shuttle details like the producer having a ptsd flashback when they mentioned the bleeding eye thing or the picture of the queen in the background instead of the producer

  4. Wow, the British guy really showed us how good Ryan is. The same kind of lines suddenly become cringey and boring with the wrong delivery. Sorry British guy.

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