1. LOL. I know, don't worry, I was joking. I was jesting that no one is allowed to say it's a bad film after they've watched it.

    IMHO – it's not only the best De Niro performance ever. It may be one of the very best in all American cinema – period. (Though I think most prefer him in Taxi Driver, but this one's my pick.)

  2. Martin Scorcese needs to get Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro back together for another mobster movie. Pesci and De Niro go together like bread and butter.

    Though the following is extremely stupid, it would be awesome to see Joe Pesci gun down Sesame Street.

  3. An opthamologist's office. They look eerily similar to the protective glasses given to patients post cataract and glaucoma surgery.

  4. This film has one of my favorite montages of all time. When "Can't you Hear Me Knockin" by the stones plays and Nicky is jacking people's houses for the Jewellery Store. I can honestly say i think Casino is better than Goodfellas. I think the plotline is a bit superior. But Goodfellas is still a great movie.

  5. My opinion, goodfellas is the greatest film of all time. Every aspect of it is perfect. Liottas acting is in the top 3 performances of all time, and Scorsese direction is incredible. Casino is also great. I love its editing. On to Godfather. Don't know, it's a great revenge story, but it's based tightly on a book, which contains the plot. The direction is a little bland, also, and that's what makes it feel long. However, Godfather IS a classic, and should be regarded as one.
    And that's that.

  6. An excellent movie but it sucks when they show it on AMC and it is so edited for violence and language that it destroys how good it really is. I wonder why they do that. So many movies are shown t hat way…too bad

  7. Martin Scorsese is brilliant director, genius behind the camera, whole world know that, …., But, thank God, only b e h i n d the camera ( such a horrible pronunciation with his squeaky voice).

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