Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Flat Betting Strategy $6,000 Profit With Brothers Benjamin & Billy.
Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas. To learn how Christopher makes thousands of dollars a day, you can buy his Baccarat Winning Strategies and join his private Facebook group for ONLY $500.

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  1. Make sure you 👍LIKE my videos and hit the SUBSCRIBE link on my channel.

    You can purchase CHANGE YOUR LIFE merchandise here:

    To learn how I make thousands of dollars a day in the Casino, send me an email and ask me about my PERSONAL ONE ON ONE COACHING. You can email me here:

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  2. Chris, again Congratulations…Say hello to Stacy and the little one. 2 Questions, one, are most of your meals comped for two persons or four? 2nd, What is the table limit per bet, 5K, 10K, or higher. May GOD be with you and your family my friend. See you soon…carlo…

  3. You need to freaking realise that NO MATTER when you gamble in the casino with no matter what strategy wether it’s with Christopher’s strategy or martingale,other strategy from online,you RISK loosing your money.
    And Christopher even mentioned that there is no perfect strategy that wins 100% of the time.However if you have a MASSIVE BANKROLL and can afford to loose,you’ll have a WINNING ADVANTAGE over the house if you go consistently and leave with your daily goal.And that’s something you need to ACCEPT.And when you LOOSE,it’s 100% your FAULT so learn to take responsibility for your actions and don’t blame others,the casino as you decided to gamble in the first place‼️

  4. 2 more new potential millionaires after purchasing your coaching! Wait a minute, imagine that every one bought yr strategy then all casinos would go broke and leave no casino for us to withdraw money from. That would be end of the world🔥

  5. BOSS.. How i wished i could play with you together and match your betting so i could win also.. Because with you for sure i will win! Since that is impossible can you give me your best strategy or technique using the flat betting.. Thanks a lot in advance!

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