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  1. Hey Chris have you tried asking these casinos to let u film live playing. I'm sure ur 7 star and it might be possible. They let big jackpot do a live session of BJ in the private room at ceasers. Bought in for 20k. Would love to watch you play!

  2. You should do a video on the taxes associated with being a professional gambler. How you keep track of your win/loss, getting statements from casinos and what they look like, etc.

  3. Gosh that sports betting gaming area at Caesars is LIT!😍🔥

    And that guy who moved to Vegas to become a PRO gambler and lost 15 k the first few days is kinda ridiculous.

    He should’ve first gambled in his location were he lives and start winning, loosing ,learning before moving directly to Vegas.
    Because Vegas is discipline on NEXT level and if you can’t handle gambling in your home location,you shouldn’t move to Vegas in the first place and set a unrealistic goal‼️🙈

    You should first create your gambling habits in your home location and once you see traction in your gambling career, then you should move to Vegas‼️

    Christopher didn’t directly move to Vegas the second he started gambling😉

    He MOVED to Vegas ONCE he saw his gambling career PICKED up and once he started WINNING more then LOOSING ‼️
    Make sure to USE your brain more everyone to avoid these stupid mistakes 🙈 ‼️ 🧠 😎

    That’s my advice to help you all out‼️😊

  4. Thumbs up again Boss. Enjoyed your video, as usual. Good advice on larger bets. You know how I am, going over a hundred is tough for me. Next time I am at the table I might start off with $200. Maybe more Coach. I have to “retrain my brain “. Good job Coach. Bob

  5. Is there a way you can put a total or say a total winning through the month after your sessions. I'm routing for your 100k month! Goals for sure Christopher! 💪💪💪💪

  6. Thank you sir, i'm gonna take that advice to heart, but i'm still not sure what denominations i should play with given a certain bankroll, Thanks for the shout out Christopher, see you around.

  7. Good job, keep the videos coming,….at the end of the Month you should Run all your winnings through the Money Counter, that'll make the TROLL'S go crazzy…

  8. I am new to your channel
    I play only EUROPEAN Roulette ( ONLINE Only )
    One of my friend suggested to try “ BACCARAT “ hence studying for last 15 days
    Liked your truthfully approach and style
    My request :-
    1) Should I play ONLINE ?
    2) Board limit is $ 500 – what should be starting bet ?

  9. Hey from New York! Today the casinos reopened here, I’m beyond stoked. Walked in for about ten minutes, made 800, walked out. I wonder how you feel about casinos with digital card games..? They work great for me here for the most part! 😀 have a good one sir!

  10. The way I look at it in my opinion with whatever game I'm playing and I started taking up Roulette by the way as I've been watching a lot of videos on it so I can combine my skills while the venues are slowly opening up in Canada I can fine-tune those skills on roulette as I wait for the craps table so that way I can have a more balanced attack and have two things going well hopefully instead of just one. I think all I need to do is put two-thirds of what I wanna risk. Day on crops as that's my bed and butter and do you want third in roulette as I wait for the craps tables to open up so that way I can get off to a good start playing relax and the not way it's kind of a tune-up and it kind of gives a bit of a boost because I would normally like to raise as I win especially when it comes to craps but when it comes to relax what I found is I could keep the best consistent even raised minimally farts Epic Systems working in real life that why mess with it especially when you have a 90% chance of hitting and you can hedge your bets easily in roulette. This way throughout my gaming time I can invest some time into another game while other games are not available and then this way I can have a balanced attack overall as I learn to adapt with what is available to me. Roulette forces meet at bat slow and steady and then I can translate that into craps and then if I get on a hot run overall that I'm laughing and I don't need to risk much to get started that is one advantage of the way I do things now and you had a great impact in showing me that. I'm really glad you won a ton of money this time but fundamentally I learned a lot more when you bought in Forex number and you made profit and then they repoed in for what you brought in with the first time and did that three times over and one day that resonated with me much more effectively because. Forced me to learn consistency. Go to once I find to in the consistency then it's extra sweeter when you go off and win what you've done. Remind me when I went off and won $7,200 in profit and one day a couple of years back the difference is I am more aware on the impacts of that and what it takes to identify when you're in a zone and little things like that. Sometimes someone else is on a hot roll and you have a limited window to make money on it and combining all these things together can make the difference between winning and losing. Keep up the great work and even I've learned practically where to build from. That is enabling me to have a lot more fun with a healthy basis so I can appreciate the wins. Much more and not get fixated by them but instead treat them as fun challenges and then that way it's just a lot easier overall. I would like to see you go over which would be a good Refresher is the money management side of what you do with your winix my thinking is and feel free to shed some light on this is to put 20% in a safe at home that's more or less a rainy day and then 5% for Investments and then I break up the other 75% where let's say 40% is for bankrolling and then I have next vehicle shoes and clothes that's 5% and then I cover every are the category accordingly where are the other 75% is made of a starting point towards life style. Then I go over and I'm not on a separate money management tool the one I work but the way I have it set up now is whether it is through working or gambling I can follow things through. Sometimes just getting through the necessities of life or you have a few pitfalls where one may not be able to play at all for a while especially given the pain Derek but it doesn't mean one couldn't use the time to keep the skill sharp and find other ways to use one's time so when it's go time one is ready

  11. Frankly people are just getting stupid I like the wording but I like to see you use gaming which is more positive and this way they can see you are more than just a gambler! You're playing with a strategic Edge theoretically and you're playing the games you like that simple. I'd be pissed off too if people take everything to say literally but I think this is what people do so periodically of might have to give a little reminder that when you play for 27 days where the hell does it say that got to play 30 days in a row it doesn't say that you need a life to you need your rest cuz you never once said. Sure playing 30 40 50 days in a row some people need to get a grip

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