1. Why do u keep harping on Christopher Mitchell?
    He has his way of playing and you have your way of playing, I don't see much of your content of you playing or telling anyone any of your stories!
    Judge yourself would be better than following the herd,just my point of view!
    Everything can't be a scam!

  2. What I see is a boy trying to make a name for himself off Christopher’s name. Everything you mentioned you yourself did not prove otherwise. You are just laughable. I’m sure your other YouTube viewers (basically one person) will chime in with hate. Just wait………

  3. I wish i had tools and time i would play as many shoes 4 you and your audience as requested. I gotta memorize though when banker gets a 3rd card some folks including me havent got that down yet! Anyways be safe.

  4. Why you have so many dislikes? Without talking to much about Martingale – I wrote several articles about that – standard deviation alone makes it impossible to play Baccarat, which is nothing than the "small sister" of Roulette, with any static progressions.

    One Baccarat shoe is the same as two hours of Roulette in a real casino. So, one or ten shoes means nothing for a system.

    Even, if every shoe has it's own pattern and tendencies, for a static system you need thousands of shoes to proof any effect of a static system.

    Only if lern to juggly with your own bad luck or luck and the bad luck or luck of other players at the same table and also with the bad luck and luck of the dealer, and only if you combine all these three factors, then you can beat this game in the long run.

    The variations in the size of the bets are the secret, if you are lucky or unlucky. You can't play
    fictitious. You have to go through the unlucky hands with minimum and play big, when you are lucky.

    There are ways to make tests to find out, if you are lucky or not at this specific day. You will not win every day, but with a 11:7 probability in good months. And during hard months you will not loose all your money as almost every player. You can break even.

    Greetings from Germany

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