Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Strategy- How To Play Baccarat & Make $2,500+ Per Day Flat Betting. 
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  1. Normally there are 40 on horizontal level. There are usually 40 going vertically. So it basically break even. But there are times when there could 20 more vertically or 20 more horizontal. So you can lose just as much as you would win

  2. do you only use this strategy on a a new shoe, where the table has just opened, or can you use it on a table thats been open for a while with many shuffles and shoe's. thanks in advance.

  3. I dont have facebook & instagram, DONT U HAVE A EMAIL??? I WANT TO BUY YOUR STRATEGY, but i can’t get a hold of you!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!!!!

  4. I am enjoying your sense of humour!!!! U are so funny!!! I always use the martingale😱(cant afford it), a light bulb 💡💡went on, when I watched this video!!!! I like this way, its stress free!!!!

  5. Chris, you are so big….your name is Fantástic person…thank you for helping us… i'm trying to learn from your videos…but my problem is i have little money ;…there is no casino here ;….and i dont know any online casino with baccarat…

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