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  1. Great video. One question. At the end when you that last Banker streak ends and you lose 2 more times and you skip forward. Next bet would be banker. What happens if that's also a lost. Do you continue to alternate after that. Thanks

  2. Went to Wizard of Odds site to test this and it did work over 30 hands doing this exactly as you show with a 10 unit win. I then did this along with adding the standard Martingale over the next 30 hands and won 15 units. I know this is a minute sample size but I'll keep on with the simulation play for a while and see how it comes out.

  3. At 20:57 how did it know that the Banker was the winner before the cards were turned over. It was only by a fraction of a second but it said Banker before the cards were turned over. HOW?

  4. This system works came in with 400 left with 1600 hit alot of pandas an dragons but stuck your boss strategies an it was a hit everytime thank you

  5. I practiced this on free game and it works, but sometimes it puts you on 3 losses, but patience and straight following strategy wins it back quickly. I martingale it just twice and got lucky xD So, i just stop by to confirm that it works. Will practice it more before i go in with real money. Big thanks for this! Good luck!

  6. I am going to try this the site I am playing on I have not lost anything yet but have not made anything it just goes up and down so need better strategy. But what to do in event of tie I notice on the site i play it usually goes to banker after a tie.

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