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  2. Hi. what to do in case of a tie. ?
    Tried many strategies but realised only martingale is what works to make a profit.
    However when I get a tie. I am confused to carry on with the martingale or stop at that point and take it like a loss and reset again. The decision is tougher when you hit a tie in 5 th or 6 th martingale.

  3. Christopher 🙂 In this video you mention that this strategy is the one for bouncing around from table to table and that in you would be making a video about how to play if there is only a single table to play on and you can't bounce around. Did you end of making that video? If so would you have any idea what it is called so that I can view it. Thank you so much in advance 🙂

  4. Hello sir, just discovered your channel. Will definitely try this method! Question do you have to pay taxes on baccarat winnings, my casino doesn't provide a W2G form.

  5. How can you say that you can always recoup your money back but not time? Some people can't do that if they don;t have disposable income and only have a 9-5. Skint and homeless for the average person.

  6. I retest this strategy many times. Can earn money but if only, just only once: For example: BPBPBPBP you Put Bet on B or P and Double Bet but on table BBBBBBBBBB or PPPPPPPPPPP you will lose all your money. So i think you have some others strategy because if in 1 month win 100$ per day = 3000$ but if in above case only one at right time you get bad luck you will lost all

  7. I love you and your gambling spirit dude. But here in PA, Windcreek the Bacarret table is full non English speaking Chinese. Seriously, can't find a table out of 50 tables.

  8. I hope the people that listen to you realize that Martingale doesn’t work when there’s a huge streak. You go to different tables yes but when you go to a table with a streak then you’re dead. If seen tons that lost their shirt because of this strategy.

  9. I Martingaled the 9th time yesterday and made $350 profit but that was scary after I won. If I continue that strategy today I would have lost my $5100 bankroll.

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