Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Strategy Makes Vila $755 Per Hour At The Casino. Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas. To learn how Christopher makes thousands of dollars a day, you can buy his Baccarat Winning Strategies and join his private Facebook group for ONLY $500.

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In this video, Entrepreneur and Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell interviews one of his clients named Vila, who makes $775 per hour at the Casino using Christopher’s Baccarat Winning Strategy.

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  1. Hi
    Mr CM. I always keep watching your videos. By following your strategies, I want to recover all my money (12.7 million sgd) progressively which I loss over 10 years.
    Thank you.

  2. He is doing very well. According to my math, It's a total of 6 hours and 28 minutes of gambling time. $4,535 in total profit. Rounding down to six hours even, he averages $755.833333 dollars per hour. If you include the 28 minutes, then the average decreases to $722 per hour which is still extraordinary. Stay blessed dudes

  3. If i have a job that pays me 50 dollars an hour i will never never nwver gamble…this guy do it because love gambling..a lot of people gamble because they have the hope to win money because of such a low salary we have…but 59 an hour job and here he is gambling?

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