Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 10- $2,000 Cash Profit At Las Vegas Casino’s. Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas. To learn how Christopher makes thousands of dollars a day, you can buy his Baccarat Winning Strategies and join his private Facebook group for ONLY $500.

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In this video, Entrepreneur and Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell makes $2,000 using his Baccarat Winning Strategy.

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  1. If you'd like to purchase some of my CHANGE YOUR LIFE merchandise, simply click here: If you're brand new to my YouTube channel and have no idea who I am….. My name is Christopher Mitchell. In one word, I'm an Entrepreneur. My wife and I help people all over the world Change Their Lives for the better. We teach others how to become Happy, Healthy and Wealthy so they can start living the life of their dreams. If you'd like to contact me or hire me for my PERSONAL ONE ON ONE COACHING IN THE CASINO, here's my personal email address:

  2. Christopher, greetings from Australia. My question: Does your wife play Baccarat? My problem is that my wife plays and frequently loses which often negates my win. I win, say $500 but she loses $500 so we go home with the same money. Frustrating!

  3. FEAR is my biggest concern and i need to conquer. My nervousness elevates the more im in my Marty. Good video Christopher and congrats to continious success.

  4. Your strat dude! I gotta try it. I’m a dealer at a casino and me and a co-worker went on a small $1,000 dollar profit run with no strat. After that we want to make Bacc a side hustle so this helps and thanks 🙏

  5. Another awesome video, “butt” talk about your all time photo bomb! The guy working in the background at Whole Foods bends over and moons the world haha awesome!

  6. Hey, I’m a new subscriber and am really enjoying your channel. I was watching a previous video when you said one part of your strategy is leaving as soon as you hit your goal and never more than an hour. How do you rack up enough points to get comped the way you do if you’re only in a casino for ten mins sometimes, I’ve always been under the impression time is the biggest factor in receiving comps? Thanks, I look foreword to future videos!

  7. Thank you Christopher for making Barry a happy guy. After sitting idle for 3 months it’s almost unreal how busy you’ve gotten. I know you could not wait for these casinos to open their doors. Still waiting here on the east coast for casinos to open. I hear tomorrow in Maryland, but only for high rollers and appointments to get in and play.

  8. This video is definitely the best video you produced so far, chris. It has a lot of things i liked; a bit of insight into your life style, when you went to the gym, the dreaded monster can…… sod that for a game of old soldiers, beautiful desert sunshine and impressive hotel buildings, then Lucy appears with her hair done up and make up too, and above all you helped BARRY win $2,000, that is the best thing in this video. A great production and a happy customer too. If you keep going at this rate, I may have to bung you $1,000 to teach me the game too. GL.

  9. Christopher I really enjoyed your video. I’m glad to see that Barry admitted that he has a fear of either staying too long or losing at the table. That is exactly I think what my problem is. Also where your strategies have really helped,I very off of them sometimes and that gets me screwed up. Do not wait to see you in Vegas. Bob

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