Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 5- $4,550 Cash Profit At Bellagio Casino.
Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas. To learn how Christopher makes thousands of dollars a day, you can buy his Baccarat Winning Strategies and join his private Facebook group for ONLY $500.

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In this video, Entrepreneur and Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell makes $4,550 using his Baccarat Winning Strategies.

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  1. Hi bro I like your videos everytime can you help me I need 1000$ I give you again this money if you believe me some family problems I'm facing my story like yours if you can so reply me I give you again this money may Allah bless you

  2. Great video Christopher ! so good to see Vegas back and alive again . I don't understand why other YouTube people think you used fake money for your videos and you 've showed us real money from casino casher giving you real cash back. Some people are really a haters out there man.

  3. I am not here to judge, baccarat is a game you will lose eventually if you play enough hands at casino no matter what ever strategy you use. No matter how much money you have won,, if you keep playing you will lose unless you can cheat in some way. Because theoretically every time u have 50% to win, each hand is independent from previous hands, but casino had an edge over u, for example banker 6 you only get half of what you have bet. I like your style but posting stuff like this saying you have won so on so on is like saying having drugs give u such a good feeling and does not have any side effects at all. Who ever gone to casino long enough knows that u are not telling the truth, or you have not yet face the ultimate truth yourself. Gambling for fun is ok, but professionally gambling at casino games, and not black jack not poker, you professionally making huge money on baccarat? I wish you good luck if you are telling the truth which is not likely. But if you are telling the truth you have already won couple of hundred thousands or even a million you should considering stop.

  4. Hi Christopher, hi Stacy hi junior
    Another great video
    The ATM been kind to you
    You’re just unstoppable
    So kool and I will see you this Xmas
    Can’t wait,,,,,

  5. do you miss Columbus, Ohio? i am looking to sell my time share in Vegas, when fights were cheap back in 2011 it was good to use but not now for my family. if you know who would like to but it, just let me know. thanks keep up the good wins.

  6. In defense of Chris and his lovely wife, Stacy, I would like to make some comments about their channel. Bare with me as this may be a long post as I have alot to say. First for those of you who keep asking Chris to record his play in the High Limit Rooms, that is absolutely forbidden. Not only for the casino security but also for the patrons who do not want their photo exposed. If you do not believe, just go to any High Limit Room on the strip and pull out your phone camera and within seconds security will be on to you. On the main floor, its possible to get some quick filming events as long as you do not make it very noticeable. Besides, he has already shown us the proof in one of the denominations of a chip. Guess which one? Yes, the elusive 5k chip. You will not find that on the main casino floor. Only in the High Limit Room. And you cannot go to the cashier and hand over 5k in cash and say I would like a 5k white chip. They are only given out at the High Limit Room through playing and are carefully tracked. You may say well he could buy in for 9.5k at the table the amount of winning shown in the video) then immediately walk without playing. Sure that is possible. However, I highly doubt it. The pit would find that very suspicious and when you go to the cage to cashout, that 5k chip is verified by the pit before paying. Also, Chris managed to get a film of the cage payout in this video. Look at time stamp 4:04 showing all chips presented including the elusive 5k chip.

    Now on the fact that chris changed his mind about charging customers for his time. If you watched his videos in sequence, he used to charge 2500, then reduced it to zero and earn 50 percent of customers profit to eliminate any notion of it being a scam. When he said this I thought at the time it was a bad decision as he will have every low bankroll 1k or 2k bankroll setting up an appt to spend the day wasting chris's time. In one of this videos he said he had 3 months booked in advance! So he did right to begin charging 1k to weed out the flakes. Also, chris is betting his Own money and the customer is following along playing their own money, so that is Not a scam. Personally I dont think a one on one is needed as chris has been gracious to reveal his systems. However, I can see where some would need it for this very reason, to have the courage to make those big bets. At the 25 chip level with 6 step martingale, you have to be able to place that 800 bet like its a 5 dollar bet. At the 50 level, its 1600 and 100 level its 3200.

    Lets talk about the systems chris has presented. The one that I want to focus on is System 3, you can find that video or pdf online. I like system 3 for a number of reasons. First its a sit down play version, where you max out your wins on the streaks and you control your losses through the 6 step martingale. It comes down to two things. How many times can I reach my 10 percent goal before the rare bust out. Let me give you an example. At the 25 level, lets say your casino trip bank is 2k and your goal is 10 percent or 200 per visit casino win. Also your willing to risk 1575 which is a 6 step martingale for 25 chip level. 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800. I know chris mentioned 98 percent success rate on a 6 step marty. Lets say that you are really unlucky and only have a 95 percent win. So each time you visit the casino you goal is to win 200 (eight 25 units) or bust a 6 step marty. Mutiply 200 wins times 95 equals 19000. Now multiply 5 times 1575 loss equals 7875. Subtract 19000 from 7875 equals 11,125 profit. So after playing 100 shoes, which can be done by playing 3 shoes a day for 33 days and make a profit of 11,125 at the 25 chip level. That is approx 133 thousand a year! My point is if you win 95 times your 200 win goal. Then 5 times you have to expect a losing martigale session. However , even with 5 losing martingale losing sessions
    , you still profit 11,125 at the 25 chip level over a 100 shoe average.

    Start the beginning of the shoe always, when you hit your 8th 25 dollar win, lock it up and cashout. THE ONLY EXCEPTION I would make is if you are in the middle of winning streak you max it out until the streak is over. Think Maximize your winning streak on the casinos money. At what point is the break even point between wins and loses? You must win at least 89 percent of your 200 wins. 89 x 200 equals 17,800. 11 losses time 1575 banks equal 17,325.

    As far at maximizing your wins on the streak side, there are essentially 3 ways. After the very first win, you keep all profit. This is very important! The 3 ways are to flat bet 25 each win or add a 25 chip after each win or go for maximum and leave 50 percent win profit on bet and pull 50 percent back. To put these 3 methods to the test, look at chris's 20 streak win at golden nugget. On the 100 level, flat betting only nets you only 2000. However with adding a 100 chip after 20 wins nets you in the range of 18000 to 19000. And the monster 50 percent add to each of the 20 wins is a whopping 993 thousand. Yes, if you can find a casino that would take that action, on the very last win he would have close to a million dollars before making that final bet which lost. The problem also with the 50 percent add method is that if you only on a streak of 3 or 4 you will lose money because you are risking alot of profit in the beginning.

    So to sum up, the flat betting is too week, you have to maximize those wins when in the middle of the streak. Your only making 2k after 100 flat bet on 20 wins. The aggressive 50 percent add after each win has defect in that if you only win 3 to 4 hands in a row , you lose money. To give you an idea, look at all of chris's scoresheets or anyone eles for that matter, the most common are the 3 to 4 win streaks, occasional 6, 7 8 win streaks. The method I like is the middle ground. Add a chip after each win. At the 100 level on 20 streak win it is in range of 18k to 19k. And if you only win 3 to 4 on win streak, you still profit and have potential for big win. Also anyone else working on system 3, have ideas, share them below.

    For the non believers out there, how many couples do you know that give out 100 dollars out of their own money on a youtube drawing EACH week? Sure its not alot percent wise to them they are giving away. However, its still one generous offer! Thats over 5200 give away per year! He puts his money where his mouth is! Who ever thought of that give away idea, Chris or Stacy, it was brilliant marketing move. Also, for the non believers, Look at all the comped suites they stayed in all over the country. These rooms are a couple hundred dollars a night. The casino does Not give these rooms out to low stakes gamblers!

    I will close with this. If you ask me if I believe that this couple were in major financial hardship a few years ago, he stated over 50 thousand in debt and taking out 1k cash advances to discover a winning system, the answer would be definite Yes. If you watch the videos early this year where stacy is walking the strip and chris asked her this very question. Look at her body language when she answers and you will agree with me. What I find amazing is how chris and stacy were able to overcome there hardships, being in 50k debt, taking out loans, , cash advances, and gambling all over the country. Chris having the fortitude to continue on to find what winning system works for him during the financial crises. And for Stacy to have the belief that her husband would pull through and find a way out of this financial mess they were in. There is only one answer to that question….that is your Higher Power! Keep the Faith Brother and Sister!

  7. So you went from playing the whole shoe until you lost your 5 k buy in, went down to winning 500-1k per casino, and now you're back to playing the whole shoe? Would like to know your reasoning behind this line of thinking.

    Also how do I find your three strategies you mentioned in another video?
    You said the first three where already published except for the forth.

    I just discovered you yesterday and have only been through two of your old videos and the last five or so new videos.

    I want to go through all of them eventually, but still would be nice to know the details of your three strategies, so I can save them and analyze them right away.

    Thanks in advance. I appreciate all your work and information that I've received so far. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  8. Great job on this video seeing Vegas strip shinny and lighting up again. Make me want to come down now haha! I loved that part when your wife and baby was watching the Bellagio water fountain and your baby looks up at the sky awesome ! God has bless you and your family brother.

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