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  1. Christopher, May the Almighty Father, thru HIS SON Jesus the Christ keep YOU, YOUR WIFE and Baby BOY Safe and Free From Harm and Continues to Bless Your winnings so that YOU may continue to INSPIRE those that ASPIRE to a level of FREEDOM for themselves.
    your friend carlo.

  2. Christopher this is Bob Heffley again. I just got back from the casino in Lake Charles Louisiana I was at the L’Auberge casino. I really had a good time there and it was my first attempt at playing baccarat for real. Apple is kind of played it before but I do stand up and put down a chip and play one or two hands and that was it. Now that I got your strategies I thought well I’d try it out and lo and behold all in all I made $600 profit. I would’ve made more except I didn’t follow your advice. I stayed at the casino too long I sat down at the table messed around and I shouldn’t of done that. But I am going back and going to try it again next week. Providing they are still open I’m not close because of the virus going around. I just want to say thank you for putting this altogether and it’s not gonna change my lifestyle one way or the other when I win or lose. I just hate being a loser. As far as your haters go, I would pay any attention to them, they are probably just a bunch of nobodies that I’ve never done anything for themselves in their life. Never held a job never had to make a payroll ever done anything. Well I babbled on too much, I will report in if I’ve had good or bad luck. Bob Hesley

  3. The best video you have made yet..If people can't understand the points made in this video then they either hate the messenger or they need to go back to elementary school.

  4. Dang wow that's a great video real up front and honest Christopher as a Born Again guy who also is playing baccarat man all my church friends just can't handle anything I tell them it's just funny when I tell them that I play baccarat for money to supplement my income they kind of laugh and then tell me how I'm just lost my mind or need to repent or something but I know better all right Christopher you have my thumbs up man great video we still would like to interview you for a Liberty University paper on gambling…..👍


  5. If you'd like to purchase some of my CHANGE YOUR LIFE merchandise, simply click here: If you're brand new to my YouTube channel and have no idea who I am….. My name is Christopher Mitchell. In one word, I'm an Entrepreneur. My wife and I help people all over the world Change Their Lives for the better. We teach others how to become Happy, Healthy and Wealthy so they can start living the life of their dreams. If you'd like to contact me or hire me for my PERSONAL ONE ON ONE COACHING IN THE CASINO, here's my personal email address:

  6. Great video thank you for sharing all you do. I just discovered your videos and I’m watching and trying to learn . Fellow Christian here as well ! Father God is using you in a mighty way ! Thank you ! It’s his world and his money . You are a good steward of it and your are blazing a path for other slaves of this world to overcome much oppression by sharing knowledge . Thank you for your inspiration . I live in Mississippi and will be trying your advice . Much respect and thanks . God Bless you and your family!

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