Christopher Mitchell Flat Betting Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 13- $1,370 Loss At Cosmopolitan. Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas. To learn how Christopher makes thousands of dollars a day, you can buy his Baccarat Winning Strategies and join his private Facebook group for ONLY $500.

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In this video, Entrepreneur and Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell loses $1,370 at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas.

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  2. That is exactly why I use both. Chop Marty, streak flat. This allows one to get 500 to 1000 in a short period of time and bounce. CM I will agree you have one of the most uneducated stalkers AKA TROLL on YouTube replaying all your videos. Good footage and education for new gamblers. 👊👏👍

  3. Hi Christopher,
    Nice to know u are trusting GOD in this business.
    I m a Singaporean, juz started this gaming journey 3 yrs ago. Started badly and start reading many pro like u and others around the world. You are amazing and honest.
    I m about to turn Pro from semi. After reading yr mindset only winning 10% every less than a hour is yr main stagedy. I doing the same short and sharp.
    But juz my 2 cents contribution, how about doing Marty and add a favour of flat bet on top of it.

  4. Hi, Chris, Frank from Vegas. Sorry you had a small loss. Just a thought. Would it be smart to incorporate a "Stop Loss" in your flat betting strategy? Since you have a 95% winning strategy, why not put in a 6 to 10 unit " Stop Loss" . If you run into a bad shoe, you cut it quickly, and maximize the good shoes. That's what I've been doing . I go for the 2 unit wins and will cut my losses at 8 units. This week, I was 5 for 5 and haven't lost yet. Just wanted your opinion. Take care, Frank

  5. This is why I respect this man. He’s honest even on his losing days. You win some you lose some. Just a minor setback bro! You will make that back in no time! Thank you for uploading Christopher.

  6. Chris , when i first started to play baccarat i did the flat bit system to get my feet wet. work a handful of times but it does bit you a few times. i notice when a show has two long runs in the beginning, i cash in after the last long run ends, it could be about 14 hands or less.

  7. what tables you have played at that used a 6 pack hand shuffle verse automatic shuffle machines? with autos when i get to cut the stack i do notice the stack looks not fully shuffles, so i look for the tight group of cards in the stack and place the cut card in them, it kind of helps to change the out pattern from last used.

  8. Sorry to hear that C. Thanks for your honesty. If I know you from your videos, this is a lil speed bump to you and recoup that loss in no time.
    Stay up. God bless

  9. Christopher,
    I'm living vicariously through your videos for now.
    I really want to get out there to try my luck at baccarat, roulette, and black jack!
    Can you tell me what the high limit room bet limit is on a red or black bet in roulette?
    I appreciate it!

  10. I find lately that these shoes are choppy with a run of 2 bankers then chopp then run of 2 player then chop. It's ridiculous.
    I guess I have to learn to get in and out fast.

  11. It takes time to perfect things and you couldn't have said it any better when you have a choppy scenario from hell you're done in some sessions. This lesson you showed me really helps me this way: Say I buy in for 500 bucks at the craps table. I can check my profit put it in another stash and go back in for another round as an example. Apparently the Quebec Casinos are going to be opening soon. This will help me refine the good habits. Remember in one of your other videos you did the same $2,000 buy in and you won three times that day. People have to remember that. I know I remember all this stuff that you teach and I will be able to build my game too. I am blessed that with the game of craps even if it's a 10 or $20 table even at $15 table $500 is more than enough to work with as long aa I do things right. Keep up the great work

  12. Christopher, your humility is refreshing and honest. I will give you some food for thought. Take it as you will. It is tempting to play a Baccarat shoe from start to finish, but, only if you understand you will be playing Multiple Strategies within a changing shoe. Don't abandon your hit and run tactics for Ego competition. Stick to your game-plan! The Casinos make their money every time you step off "The Yellow Brick Road". You have chosen to run with "The Big Bogs" and it only gets better if you stick to the script. As we say in Jersey, don't get mad, get even. Best of …………..

  13. The way I see it Christopher is this the only scammers out there are the ones who have stolen your Videos just to make money from youtube because they just can.t make any video's them selfs that others will watch if he did his own videos he only get one view the idiot

  14. Thank you CHris for your wonderful honest videos. I wish you came out 3 years before so I would not make so many mistakes in my gambling experience. Whatever you are saying, I can prove from my own experience. Hopefully, I will go back and be smarter. Thanks.

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