Christopher Mitchell Gambling In Las Vegas $8,000 Profit Using Baccarat Winning Strategies.
Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas. To learn how Christopher makes thousands of dollars a day, you can buy his Baccarat Winning Strategies and join his private Facebook group for ONLY $500.

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In this video, Entrepreneur and Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell goes gambling in Las Vegas and makes $8,000 using his Baccarat Winning Strategies.

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  1. Hey chris you are the best fist time I watched your video man.tried your method last week in Montreal casino made 40000. Seriously those are the best ones on the video

  2. CM enjoying your channel. Speaking of Caesars/Harrah's Las Vegas, It appears that the 7 Stars/Laurel/Diamond Lounges are closed. What's the best place for a 7 Stars member to get a comp drink and snack? Thanks a bunch!

  3. I tell you there were instant since we're alive betting where the guy was up two sets and I took a chance and he somehow lost. I'm sure you know a thing the two of sports betting

  4. Don't be disappointed in the future because I don't think God would ever "fulfill" his part in that deal! People even lose faith completely because of casinos, if you had some luck n won some money you gotta understand in the long run the odds/math WILL work ONLY for casinos regardless God was on your side or not.

  5. I have to say you're doing a great job. I like the fact you throw in the family atmosphere so they can see that side of you. Overall I agree we may not like the same games as I said about a million times. Being said I'd become open to maybe trying a couple that maybe once I took the time to learn it does add variety. I didnt think that would happen but it did. Pretty much certain games definitely require a higher bankroll . That Kind of allows me to prioritize the games I play. Sometimes I played a simple video game called Vegas Stakes through my emulator. That gave me all I needed to know I'll just how expensive some of the game are and it gave me a free tune up. I learned to try some strategies and I quickly adapted to what works for me and I didn't have to pay one cent. What is helpful is just learning certain strategies apply to certain games;I found some that appeal to me . In roulette you don't have to raise your bets a player can just keep doing the same system over and over and collect spin after spin after spin. And then after a couple spins of it is a bad result you just walk and then you have your profit. Created you have to hedge your bets by playing sections but you can win as the saying of less more often does add up. Granted more often than not I still love my craps table. Yet the teachings you are showing are so applicable as I've taken an interest in sports betting too. That certainly adds more diversity. I'm finding my own stride actually and even I admitted that if I have the right bank roll I have no issue playing a game that I love for a couple of hours. Especially when I play with a mathematical edge combined with certain strategies. In addition I'm making a very challenging decision in getting a used car outright. Its an old one but it fits my needs so I can work on the side and I could be taking the monthly payments to balance my budget and build a bankroll at the same time. That is the benefit of owning outright. That will really instill the discipline needed so when it's go time I'm ready to go. When I had my old car that got totalled. I used to play your videos when my friend in the car and we would discuss your videos before my other car got totalled by a deer but the point being was my friend understood your insight pretty well. He explained in layman's terms the simple way that works for him and there were a couple of things you mentioned in bankroll management that he's been trying to get through to me for a while. So he was happy to hear you address some of the things that he's been trying to teach me or show me I should say.

  6. Hi Christopher!!

    I am fresh new to your channel.

    2 questions.

    1, Had you ever been to Genting Highland in Malaysia?

    2, Off topic a bit…But just wanna ask you…
    Are you practicing to have Vegan Meal while you was young? Bcoz I found that people who having vegan meal overall performance are better than average people, either in physique, mentality, emotionally, knowledge or wisdom. Is that true??

  7. HE GUYS i will make a present to win more its a system you just have to erase number and when you have only one number on line play it with nuber from left and right success garanty its working on american roulette and european this i the system:

    28 4 3 31 35 10
    36 18 21 24 11 1
    7 23 12 17 22 30
    8 13 26 19 16 29
    5 20 15 14 25 32
    27 33 34 6 2 9

    well you just need to erase the number who arrived and play only one with the number of the left and the right good luck garantee 100%

  8. 7:36 that's my uncle and aunt haha. he's very grateful that he got to meet you. he likes to watch you during dinner when my grandma, aunt, and i are trying to watch our own show lol. thanks for including him in the video 🙂

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