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  1. Christopher, do you have a specific strategy in terms of banker/player selection based upon past history of the hands or is your system betting a discipline, I know this game can be beat, i do okay but nothing anywhere approaching you, I grind out 200-300 each time I play. Thanks!!!

  2. If ur making so much money gambling why do u need to sell ur strategies. If u want to help people do it for free. Or if ur winning just keep winning and enjoy ur life. Professional gamblers just stay low key n make money winning not selling.

  3. If you'd like to purchase some of my CHANGE YOUR LIFE merchandise, simply click here: If you're brand new to my YouTube channel and have no idea who I am….. My name is Christopher Mitchell. In one word, I'm an Entrepreneur. My wife and I help people all over the world Change Their Lives for the better. We teach others how to become Happy, Healthy and Wealthy so they can start living the life of their dreams. If you'd like to contact me or hire me for my PERSONAL ONE ON ONE COACHING IN THE CASINO, here's my personal email address:

  4. Hi Christopher, I'm in LA where it's kind of crazy on the streets right now, but once they clear up I would love to be coached by you one on one. Will send you an email shortly. Cheers and stay safe!!

  5. Actually when u really consider all involved of shadowing u for a day for 2500 thats basically a free deal for the person paying cause its clear all these people have made their money back plus over double in most cases. You definitely have my attention!

  6. hi Chris, I love all videos from your channel. can I ask you a question? I think many people have same questions with me. have you ever got any problems from Casino? they realise that you win a lot from them. 😁

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