Great session of Baccarat at The El Cortez casino Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!


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  1. its very beneficial to know all the drawing rules because sometimes new dealers don't know them and it could cost you money. Nice video tho

  2. I am confused about the commissions. From the looks of things , when you lose the percentage you owe doesn't subtract from your losses. Example if you won $1000 you will be taxed 5% on $1000 winnings during the game ,even though you only walked away with $500 because of losses during game (ups and downs) ?

  3. Great video Slotlady! One question however: what is the row of numbers (1-9) directly in front of the dealer? She would put chips on one of the numbers. TIA!

  4. Went to Vegas last Christmas and now I’m mad that I didn’t go to the el Cortez cause I love the old 50s-60s music and never heard any of it once while I was there. Guess I just went to the wrong casinos

  5. 4 2-7, 5 4-7, 6 6-7, special 3 8

    these are the most important rules on when the banker hits and doesnt. only applies when the player hits a 3rd card. example: banker side has two cards totaling 4. If the 3rd card on the player side is a 2,3,4,5,6, or 7 the banker will hit. (this instance applies on the 5 4-7 and the 6 6-7 as well.
    lastly, is the special 3 8
    this happens when the banker side shall not hit. it the total of the banker side is 3 and the 3rd card for the dealer side is an 8card the banker will not hit a 3rd card.

    to be more clear and memorize 427 547 667 special 38
    the first number in parenthesis of (4)27, (5)47, and (6)67 symbolizes the sum of the two cards the banker side has
    the 2nd and 3rd number is the scale in which the value of the third card has to be for the banker to not hit a 3rd card

  6. From Windsor, Ontario Canada. I played same Rule and won 1200 dollar Canadian. Went home and again on next day won 800. You have to be good in + and – to be able to understand this game.

  7. That is my favorite game! I only play Banker and just do steady betting. If I bet $100 and lose my next bet is usually @125.00 and keep adding more than what I lost so on if I lose again. Once I win again I go back to $100 a bet. The key for me is to bring a big bank roll, stay the course, don't drink and leave when I win about $800-$1200. If I lose more than 6-8 in a row that's when I really start sweating! haha. Love your strategy though! Great vid!

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