HUGE LOSING STREAK! Did I survive? Or did I hit my stop loss? Check out DAY 3 & find out as we use a new unit size, new stop loss & new bet spread!

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  1. So it seems you're losing against streak and repeating dragons…maybe time to tweak it? Or staying away if there's trend? Or why not just following it? It's a free money with those pattern….

    But interesting, I'd like to know how your journey continue… Good luck!

  2. Hi there Raf very good and original content,while you were on the 12 bet losing streak i was hoping you were going to comment that thats exactly when people start complaining about how cursed they are and how the game is rigged and the casino is watching you etc ,people think its easy to grind out a small profit in a casino consistently, you did very well i would have even taken a break square or small loss and walked away on these days, good man keep it up

  3. I love the variation of the betting size n this will keep any players alive . But apart from that nope way u going to keep playing against the patron. Patron thats all we wait to make fortune. Im into this game over a decade n hv lost tons n tons of money playing like this no offence to u bro. Telling the real thing if ur going to play against any patron u will be fucked up while everyone around you making fortunes. Again love the betting variation. But plz anyone play the way cards play not from what u set in ur mind while ur in room. Keep the emotions aside , have the minimum target , have the patient to wait can make money. Anyway good work n nicely done.

  4. Hi Raf, how you determined when to stop on HA system and jump on another system?
    First shoes you didn’t even finished your Ha System and jump on No Mirror system. While on the 3rd shoes you went with second row of the HA system.
    Thanks Raff. Hope you reply and explain to me. Thanks

  5. This is a case to let go an excellent opportunity to win in a streak. If play like that with martingale though occasionally go in can lose heavily and unnecessarily.

  6. Mr Raf. thanks for all your tireless work. Nice to see how you handle a loosing streak. How do you decide which system you are going to use at any given time? And in what type of current situation do you prefer each system. Maybe thats the same question. But I've noticed from practicing your systems over the last few weeks, sometimes they work great, sometimes not, sometimes one works and the other does not in the same shoe. And sometimes nothing seems to work to win. The most important discipline seems to be to know when to quit playing or not to play at all. And yes I know, this is the age old question. You seem to be simply choosing randomly one syst. or the other, which ever one fits in the current column best.

  7. yes, your video look very surreal because we eye witness your hand shuffling the cards. one thing that I would like to ask you,—–can u please hand shuffle the cards 3 times just like the high limit baccarat section at casino, dealer use their hands shuffle, not using machine.
    you doing good here use your hand shuffle, but please shuffle the cards more, please, try shuffle 3 times.
    thanks very much
    james from san francisco bay area.

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