In this video, Craig reveals his December 2020 Baccarat Results!

How I make $100 a day playing Baccarat!
This video is the 1st of several planned to dive deeper beyond Live Play, to explore how I play Baccarat and Win!

How to play baccarat and make $100 or more a day.
A look into how I play baccarat for consistent winning.



  1. Most excellent results. Anyone in their right mind would love to have those.
    As far as your Martingale experience goes….. A few things for you.
    1. I CANNOT recommend Martingale to ANYONE… BUT…if you feel you want to do it then calculate the conditions you want with it. Bet selection, unit size, AND how many X deep that you are willing to take it. Decide WHAT SPECIFIC PATTERN will defeat you and if it doesn't come then your ok. ( for that sequence )
    2. A fellow told me once that BBP is to be used on a Banker Predominant shoe.
    And PPB is to be used on a Player Predominant shoe. That will give you best results with that tactic.
    And FINALLY The Martingale Betting Strategy is suited best ONLY for someone to play AGAINST A random pattern that goes up to 8 times. ( The Players choice how many steps they want ) AND to get ONE WIN / UNIT per day. Apart from that its NO place in ANYBODY'S game.
    I hope this gives perspective for you. 😎

  2. Im also going to make some content this year to stop some bleeding of Martingale players who just CAN'T put it down.
    These are a couple of techniques I learned in about May of 2019 that helped me ALOT!

  3. Congrats on excellent results. In your training playlist you have a few different systems. Which one did you use to reach the results outlined in this video. Thank you for your contribution.

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