What’s up everyone! Some viewers had questions about my *X marks the spot* system from my first video so I made a more detailed version to make everything super clear. Enjoy!

N0 MIRR0R Version 2 now available! https://sellfy.com/mister-rafael/p/mnm-vol-2/

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  1. If you play both sequences together with the same progression stopping each one after a win, what progression do you recommend with this?

  2. what is the bankroll management you using ? The first sequence you bet 25-50-55, so you won the sequence but actually lost 20. the second one you bet 35-65. Why did you put different chips in this sequence?

  3. Much clearer video although I still maintain you don't have to wait (see my comment in first video). Seems like a reasonable play in small doses, the danger of the losing streak is larger than you imply. But, still one of the better systems I have seen

  4. so first bet – 1,second bet – 2,third bet – 3,forth bet – 6.its mean – 12 units if the x mark happen. but its super rare, thank for your ideal, bro. i have earned a lot of money, fucking amazing

  5. Try making an X is rare, my goal is to make $25 per sequence, so I start with a $25 bet, I have 4 chances NOT to make an X, so I chose the martingale system, so my biggest bet will be 200, thats 4 martingale, if I failed that's $375, that will be my stop lost!

  6. Mr. Rafael interesting way to play baccarat…can u pls let us know about the bet spread of x mark spot strategy…it will be very helpful for me … waiting for your reply…

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