1. This isn't in the video, but you can make this in alchemy at this point in the game:
    Dogsbody's Hood: [Bandana] + [Tough Guy Tattoo] + [Coral Hairpin]
    – If you don't have any Bandanas, you can buy them in Peregrin Quay (from the guy near the 3 chests)
    – The Tough Guy Tattoo is found behind the Seaview Church
    – The Coral Hairpin is purchased in Baccarat
    [I'm going to create mine in video 46, since I missed it]

  2. A note that wasn't in this video: Garters are very rare items that you cannot buy. I will be using one later in the game to make an Eros' Bow for Angelo. So don't sell any you get.

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