1. hi dude thanks for the video, and thanks to you i found a trick to win each time i play! i will explain: quick save in front of the roulette, then restart the game and "continue a suspended adventure", then play the roulette, it will always be the same winning number!!! (for you it was the 7), then don't play a second time, you have to quick save first. don't quit game and play the roulette a second time, the second number will always be the same!! (for you it was the number 13). after your 2nd win, quick save , play a third time, your third winning number was the 24 (we can see it at 8:58). then quick save and play a 4th time, you will loose maybe, but you will figure out your 4th winning number. then restart game and coninue a suspended adventure, and play (in your case) 7 (win)-> quick save -> 13(win)-> quick save -> 24(win)-> quick save -> 4th winning number you figured out (win) -> quick save -> play a fifth time to find the fifth number etc…..
    i have different numbers because it's a different save from yours, but they are always the same!! even if i tried it later in the game, they didn't change. tried on 3ds on emulator!
    so to trigger the trick you have to quick save in front of the roullette and you have absolutly to restart your game or it won't work! then after the restart you begin with your first winning number(you have absolutly to save after each win, or the numbers won't be the same).
    tell me if it works for you :)! hope it could help

  2. I freaking suck I only discovered this trick after beating the game when its useless. I already bought the grimham whip and the falcon swords. Pretty much the only two items everyone wants from the casino.

  3. Thank you so much for this video, I never would have figured this casino had the items and how to get them. And thank you for doing this dragon quest, helps me out alot!!!

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