This is video #099 in my playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for the Nintendo 3DS. This video does not contain commentary. To view the commentary version, click here:

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Previously, the party defeated Captain Crow in the Pirate’s Cove and acquired the Illuminated Sea Chart. Also, Red joined the party! Now, before continuing with the main story, the party will go to Baccarat for a sidequest that will result in the Baccarat Casino reopening.

After resuming in Baccarat, the party equips a spare White Shield on Red. Then, they check around town again. Word about Golding’s murder has finally gotten out. Worse yet, things are not well between his children. On the other hand, the party can now enter the Golding mansion.

Once they have checked around town, the party enters the Golding mansion (time 15:58). Fortunately, the posse that they met on the Northwest Isle has returned to Baccarat safely.

On the rear balcony, a barrel contains a phial of Magic Water (time 17:26).

A scene takes place when the party enters the mansion’s study (time 17:54). They walk in on a spat between Cash and Carrie. The siblings turn somewhat civil when they notice the party.

The party photographs Cash and Carrie together (time 20:37). This satisfies Challenge 127: “Baccarat Brats”. Challenge 127 is worth 2 stamps.

In the kitchen, a barrel contains a bag of Rennet Powder (time 21:14). A pot contains a bottle of Fresh Milk (time 21:28).

Upstairs, in the master bedroom to the left from the stairway, a pot by the fireplace contains a Seed of Wisdom (time 21:49). A wardrobe near the bed contains a Gold Ring (time 21:56).

In the guest room ahead from the stairway, a wardrobe contains Mini Medal #085 (time 22:17).

In the bedroom to the right from the stairway, a wardrobe contains a Spangled Dress (time 22:49).

Down in the study, the party talks to Cash (time 24:05). A scene takes place when they agree to hear about the bodyguard positions. Cash and Carrie are having a contest to decide which of them will inherit the family fortune. They going on a family trial to the Dragon Graveyard, and the first to complete the trial and return is the winner. They want bodyguards to help defend them from the ravenous monsters. The party will have to choose which brat they want to protect during the trial. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whom they choose, as the final outcome will be the same.

The party will decide whom they will protect later. For now, they Zoom off to Orkutsk (time 28:33).

They visit the armour shop (time 29:08). They pick up a suit of Dragon Mail for Davilas for 12,000 gold. They also pick up Dragon Shields for Davilas and Morrie for 6,900 gold apiece. However, I now know that there is a Dragon Shield in the Dragon Graveyard, so there is no need to get one for every single character that can use one. If you plan to use Red, an Ice Shield would not be remiss. Also, if you are using swords, a Dragonsbane is an excellent choice.

The party Zooms back to Baccarat (time 30:37). Some party chat outside town will make Angelo’s views apparent.

Next time, the party will return to the Golding mansion and decide whom to babysit.

Thanks for watching!

Recording date: November 16, 2019

This video is part of my Dragon Quest VIII playthrough. I am playing the North American version of the game released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2017. All characters, story, music, artwork, and other components of this game are the property of their respective owners.

Played on the Nintendo New 3DS with a Katsukity game capture card. Recorded with the Elgato Game Capture HD device and software. Produced with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.


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