Baccarat players are unique among casino gamblers in their beliefs in nonsense: that they have mysterious powers of pre-cognition, that they have superb analytical powers of meaningless patterns, that luck and superstition can impact the house edge. But, the casinos continue to earn at exactly the predicted rate. In other words, none of that nonsense works.

But there are methods that work: scientifically proven and legal techniques to gain an edge through advantage play. In this video I cover eight such methods to beat baccarat outright, none of which is card counting the Player bet or Banker bet. After you watch this video hopefully you will have a better understanding of what it means to get an edge, and if you’re motivated, you will know what to start researching.

For surveillance and casino management, these are the most common legal methods you need to know in order to better protect the games.

I’ve written extensively about many of the methods covered in this video. You can read more at my website,


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