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  1. What is the side bet dragon bonus for?

    And why the Dealer put some chips when you won on BANKER? I know there is 5% commission, but what I used to get paid of 95 bucks when you bet 100 bucks instantly in macau.😂😂😂

  2. Well done, you won some awesome $$$ their Sarah! I've never played Baccarat but it looks interesting to watch and learn.🎯🤑🙂😎✌

  3. So, player hits on 5 or less and stands on 6 and above. If bankers first 2 cards equal 0,1 or 2 the banker will get another card. If 3, banker hits if players 3rd card is anything but an 8. If banker has 4, player will take a third card if players 3rd card is a 2-7. If banker has 5, player will take a third card if players 3rd card is a 4-7. If banker has 6, player will take a third card if players 3rd card is a 6 or 7. If banker’s first 2 cards equal 7-9 a third card is not taken. Hope that makes sense and helps a little Sarah. I always hear you say you’re not sure when both hit or stand. Also if player stands on first 2 cards then banker hits on 5 or less

  4. I’m just coming across your page so what am I missing? I mean how do you get to record while casinos don’t allow us to record? Are you a employee of the casino or got that pull/connections😂😂😂🍿

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