You can flip a coin, heads or tails. Red or blue. Player or Banker. And cross your fingers that your Guess was the right guess. Or. You can play using a strategy. A betting strategy that can be easily followed. Win or lose, let’s get lucky and win together, Profit. Anyone who goes to gamble knows you CANT win every time.. but when we do win. We want to win like this. Please watch subscribe like share and comment! Thank You. Gamble responsibly and at your own risk.



  1. I play Ez Baccarat on average of 20-30 hours a week, and I can tell you that 7 panda's a WHOLE SHOE is very very rare. I have seen 2 WHOLE SHOES where no panda or dragon came out. It's all just random, there is no betting strategy, no theory, just luck. Same with all casino games, no point to over think it.

  2. I am a huge EZ Baccarat player so much so that I actually have the Panda 8 Tattooed on my forearm lol. Your vids are great man I can't wait to give the new strategy a go next time around.

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