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00:00 Scale weighing
00:19 Celophane and folding
00:44 Boxes
01:57 Bottles
02:40 Caps and atomizers
03:15 Smell comparison

Gear used for this video:
– camera of smartphone : Samsung Galaxy S8+ –
– microphone : Blue Yeti Pro –
– tripod : Manfrotto Pixi Evo –
– mount for smartphone on tripod : Twistgrip by Manfrotto –
Video from the the Galaxy S8+ was later synced with the audio file recorded with the Blue Yeti Pro



  1. I recently purchased a bottle of this from a pharmacist her personal collection and the store she bought it from has some reviews from customers that say some seem watered down or bad batch and speculate if the store itself could be selling fakes. Some fakes are obvious but some are very very pro. I am currently trying to figure out if a bottle I have is fake or not and its not easy to tell with this one at all. I wanted to point out in your own video you mentioned inside the cap that its not aligned in the fake. I also like to point out that the real is silver but your fake was black inside the cap. Also the atomizer under the cap is flat and circular in the real one but the fake one is not if you take the cap off. the one I have that I am trying to figure out has the circle atomizer under the cap. the ref is the same as yours but the batch is 20175 which I am trying to work out if a fake batch or not. I did notice that on the bottom of the box mine has the QR code thing but mine is taking me to call a different number than yours and not sure what that means also the batch number on mine the numbers if you look closely are not as dark as your and looks like printed in dots almost like a dot matrix printer but yours is very solid and dark and black, the only other possible tell on mine is that even though the bottom of the bottle has a batch code matching the box the sticker placement is slightly different the batch code is on the sticker and the sticker is lower than yours where as on yours the batch code bottom of bottle is under the sticker rather than on it. they've gotten really good at faking this if mine is fake way better than the one you got, almost indistinguishable and i'm still trying to figure out if mine is a fake or not. The sticker is nice and red the juice is light in color, the cap looks fine, the red dot is on one chandelier on one side but not both of the box and the box gold line is spaced from the edge of the box, so in so many ways mine seems real, but I am still not sure about it because I know what the real one smells like and 100% this is a bit different. Now im wondering if I can just order direct from MFK from France to New Zealand and I don't know if it's possible but I would like to get it straight from the source.

  2. I sure hope they’ve changed the packaging on the boxes. I purchased the 6.8 0z last week, at As I’m looking at all the videos, my perfume is on point, and has all the right markings as authentic, it looks luxurious right down to the label, nothing is misplaced, so I hope I bought the authentic. However, Does anyone know if they stopped printing the small barcode on the boxes as of recently, because mine does not have it, but I’m convinced it’s authentic, and as I stated, newly purchased.

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