1. If you live in America I suggest buying perfumes from Selfridges. They ship to the States for 30 dollars but even with shipping you still save almost 100 dollars on expensive fragrances. Baccarat cost 215 dollars instead of 300

  2. Are you positive it's fake just checking let us know more specs does it have the MK in the cap and on back of bottle and what's differences in the box I would have liked to see!! Maybe next time. I bought a Grand Soir in Ebay while back never suspected any issue… so that's what i am using to compare since i dont have baccarat.. my grand soir has a batch code printed on the sticker was your batch on the actual glass of the bottle maybe I misunderstood. On my bottle the bottom of glass has France written in glass.

  3. Also please please leave negative feedback or else more ppl might get had, and honestly You could have also gotten your money back since it’s fake! eBay will take your side.

  4. Thanks for the information, I was almost tempted to buy one and something told me not to. I hope the decants I buy are not fake as well, the scent is very light to me but my husband says he can smell it.

  5. how could a fake fragrance smells identical to an expensive niche fragrance ?? it is weird . Did the batch code on your fragrance match the one in the box ?

  6. I'm sorry for this experience that you have had. But paying $100 for this bottle, getting almost exactly the same scent with "good" longevity (maybe a couple of hours less) is not really that bad!

  7. Appreciate the information. It could have been worse though right? I mean you could have got a fake and have it smelling nothing like BR540. So knowing that you were probably getting a fake at least the smell was reminiscent of the real deal. Nice review as always…

  8. The price can tell you is it fake or not, everybody can be sure it is fake if it is much cheaper than in official shop…
    Bought BR540 for myself but my wife say it smells too feminine ( do you think it is more for women or for men?

  9. Yes. I found these amazing deals on ebay and they are so cheap. They are shipping from russia too but there was something about it that i did not believe. How can there be this expensive perfume on the internet for such a low price so i decided to do my investigation and i found that it was fake. I just sent the seller a cancellation message and i hope they reply.

  10. Well if the fake is 100$ and last 4 to 5 hours and the real is 300 and last over 8
    And you say they smell similar … i dont see any loss in buying one … i am in uk and i was also thinking to buy one from russia … and now they even list them as an auction and they end up for like 65 £
    So knowing is a fake what you say it worth paying 65£ for how it performs ?

    Another example would be creed aventus wich is 250 £ and we have here in uk a site copycat and they have copy of aventus for 60 £ and most of times is out of stock thats how good they sell it .. i have a bottle and the same last like 4….5 hours

  11. Oh dear i knew something was off when i got BR for £30. I also got oud silk mood and it is not noticeable despite people on here claiming its projection beast.

  12. Ngl 100 bucks for a BR540 that smells pretty damn close to the real thing but only lasts 4-5 hours is pretty solid. Not a bad deal. Then again I guess for that price you could just buy Instant Crush or some other clone.

  13. Your right about them fools on eBay. Also another way to tell it’s a fake is the J in kurkdjian if it’s fake it has a hook if it’s real the J don’t have a hook it more straight and also the B on the side of the box isn’t touching the line on top of the B

  14. 1:38 "you're not going to be able to tell unless you actually look at it." Not to self: remember to look at it. 🤔 😂
    Thanks bro for taking the hit so we don't have to! These russian posts are so tempting sometimes but whenever I get tempted I watch a video like this and it snaps me out of it.

  15. Perfume sellers from russia are known for selling fakes. I was warned about this by my Russian friends and colleagues in the perfume business. There are also many fakes in Europe from Poland, Bulgaria and the Emirates. Just be careful. Most are fakes, but certainly not all. But too low a price speaks of a fake

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