1. Too big of a bet for my taste. i wouldn't have the guts to put $360 out. If you know of a modifier to avoid that large of a bet, I would appreciate any advice ^_^

  2. Few questions: why do the dealers place the 2 cards face down, in front of the player; instead of face up in the live casino table? Is the wage made on player? And so if the player doesn't like it, then how is the rest of that round played?
    I thought that whatever cards are dealt, you had no other choice during play?

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  4. Risky , but I play this with my modified version , easy money , u r losing here because u r using only two martigale after the pressing system , dont use matingale at all here on this system


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  6. hi, i have 2 accounts one by 0.40 cents and 2nd by 1.00 usd, of same casino, let me know the best strategy to win every time i play on same table of baccarat, the difference between the 2 ids is 0.60 cents, so i want that if i lose a bet it should of 0.40 cents and i must win in 1.00 usd id on the same table and same game, can u pls advise, thanks

  7. Why just bet on player? I feel like y’all should get a dragon 7 / panda 8 baccarat table so you don’t gotta worry about the banker fee ! That’s the best kind of baccarat there is also in my opinion since there’s no banker fee for winning and who can complain about a 25 to 1 panda / 40 to 1 dragon payout !

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