Today’s video is all about my first impressions of popular NICHE fragrances I always wanted to smell as well as rating them out of 10 based on the first impressions. More Below ⬇️

✨ Fragrances/Perfumes Mentioned

Intense Cafe By Montale

Red Tobacco By Mancera

Velvet Vanilla By Mancera

Molecule 01 By Eccentric Molecules

Baccarat Rouge 540 By Maison Francis Kurkdjian (eau de parfum)

✨ I got all the samples/decants from

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  1. Not going to lie but I don’t really like mancera/montale fragrances. They all have that really weird synthetic undertone and they are BEAST MODE and just a bit much. I’ve tried Intense Cafe and it was a meh, Amber Fever and that was a bust, Roses Vanille and hell no, way to bloody strong, Velvet Vanilla which idk why everyone compares this to Angelique Noir ( probably because of Demi Rawling) but no way are those similar. AN is 10/10 and VV is honestly -2/10. I’ve also smelt Aoud Orchid which was meh once again. They are all mega beast mode and have that artificial alcohol stench that doesn’t subdue.

    I really like Atelier Cologne though!

  2. I had the same reactions to the mancera/montale fragrances. It’s not even worth half the price tag and a heads up… every single perfume from that brand isn’t all that cracked up to be. They all kinda have the same vibe ~ overly synthetic and beastly.
    Rather spend money on DUA Fragrances

  3. An emotional rollercoaster in this one Purvi! 😂 Have to admit, I also get that giddy feeling when holding a new sample. 🥰 And watching your videos! You're just so refreshing. But don't give up on those low scores. Niche is notorious for going through transitions on skin. Ps, I'm stealing 'nothingness but better.' 🤣

  4. My second most complimented perfume is Velvet Vanilla, after Delina. You really have to let the dry down set in and it's absolutely heavenly. Also be careful with samples, since sometimes they are expired. 🥰

  5. MFK BR540 dupes list

    Middle Eastern
    1. Ajmal – Aristocrat for Her
    2. Swiss Arabian – Gharam
    3. Lataffa – Ana Abiyedh Rouge
    4. Al Haramain – Manege Rouge

    5. Arian Grande – Cloud
    6. Burberry – Her / Intense
    7. Zara – Red temptation

    Cheapies with Similar vibe as BR540
    8. Zara – Mimosa Cloud (AG Cloud dupe)
    9. B&BW – In the stars

  6. What do you think about Gucci flora edp also edt
    Your reviews are very informative, thank you for your efforts. 🎀
    (I am actually planning to buy but very confused because am going to blind purchase it, wonder it will worth the cash or not)

    Can you please make an affordable perfume/mist collection? Would be amazing to watch you review mists/perfumes from miniso, colorbar, or even Layer Wottagirl. Love your suggestions!

  8. You are spraying like ten sprays of the Montale/Mancera perfumes which are beasts and expect to like them? Not gonna happen. You have to spray with moderation and smell them from a distance to appreciate them.

  9. Baccarat 540 and Molecule 01 are in my top 5 most complimented fragrances ever. The trick to Molecule 01 is that you have to be active for it to start blooming. Trust me I too couldn’t smell anything at first until the day I wore it at the Movie theater and at the gym. I got a lot of compliments ppl asking what are you wearing, you smell amazing, someone smells very nice etc.

  10. Velvet Vanilla has so much tuberose! It makes me want to throw up also. c Also I do own Intense Cafe but I don’t really like it either! Why is it so hyped up?

    I LOVE BR540 as well! (And I finally got one!)

  11. From which online store you bought this samples?? Cuase I am kinda confuse which online shop is providing authentic products..
    Enjoy your videos ❤️❤️💜💜

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