This is my very first handpay for my channel that I’ve had for over 4 1/2 years. I have mentioned wanting to get one during my slot play lately and it finally happened. My thoughts are sincere here so please be sure your comments are not mean. If they are then I will DELETE you! Bub-bye! There are all different scenes during my live play so I hope you will enjoy watching it and will consider clicking the subscribe button and the notification bell. Played at Fantasy Springs, CA. I don’t have the address handy for you.
#5coins #15buffaloheads #handpay #fantasysprings

BTW, I got 15 buffaloes on the same machine and you can watch that video here:
#handpay #buffalgoldjackpot #jackpot #jackpothandpay #5coins

Hi everyone and welcome to my slot channel Redtint Loves Slots! I love playing slots anywhere, anytime. You can catch me having fun playing at one of the Southern Calif casinos. We have a lot of them within a 2 hr drive (with no traffic of course!). I post wins and losses because, let’s face it, that’s reality.

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  1. This makes my heart so damn happy! You remind me so much of my mom! ❀️ What a great win, that is so exciting! Hope you get a million more handpays in the future 😘

  2. I love you winning that much money and Free games. What made me not Subscribe is 1. Say the God name in Vain over and over again. / But watching someone Win like was awesome. :))) You did get a LIke. πŸ™‚

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