Star with: Electra Rayne, Michael DelRay, Cesar Xes

Story: Cesar Xes is talking on the phone with his old buddy Michael DelRay, who is in town on a business trip. Cesar eagerly asks Michael to come visit him and his wife, Electra Rayne. Electra is amused, and playfully asks if this is a date.

When Michael arrives, Cesar and Electra are happy to see him again after such a long time. Electra asks Michael if he’s currently seeing anyone, and Michael says that he just recently got out of a relationship… well, actually TWO relationships, because he was in a threesome with a woman and a man. Electra is pleased that Michael is bi, saying that’s super hot.

Electra hints that she would love to see Cesar have sex with Michael, but Cesar dismisses the idea. They watch a movie instead, but then Electra starts making out with Michael, saying that Cesar can either join in or go wait outside. Cesar tells them to quit joking around, but then Electra starts licking Michael’s cock, inviting Cesar to join her down there. Cesar is unable to look away, and finally he joins Electra, licking and sucking on Michael’s cock together. Best reunion ever!

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