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  1. Pleasseee notice this: If you are trying to get a better time on the diamond casino, and you have any loot besides gold, you should tab boost so you can run much faster. You should also brakeboost so you get a better speed

  2. #RDMChallange

    The Red dead challange.
    Agressive aproach
    – target:cash
    – worst gunman(only revolver)
    -6% driver( use motorcyels to escape no heli or sewers)
    – Best harcker
    – Optional preps: only reinforced armor and security pass
    – entrance: main door
    -exit:main door
    Good luck!

    I'll calculate how much the take will be if the gold in this heist was 623,000$ each like its real life value (2020)

    So to start off each cart has 22 bars and there is 8 carts so multiply 22×8 and you get 176 gold bar total in this vault layout in this vedieo.

    Multiply that 176 by 623,000$

    You get a giant ammount of
    109,648,000$ value

    OK so now that we know the value of vault contents we should look at how the cut will go, let's assume u got avi and the 2 worst gunner and driver.

    21,929,600$ will go to crew (20%)

    So now that these money hungry mother fuckers are out of the equation lets say what the players will get depending on thier cut.

    87,718,400 left for players

    15% = 13,157,760$
    20% = 17,543,680$
    40% = 35,087,360$
    50% = 43,859,200$
    70% = 61,402,880$
    85% = 74,560,640$

    Ive only calculated the ones that are mostly used if u want to figure out the rest feel free to calculate it.

    So another question how much will Rockstar lose from shark cards if this happens?
    Drum rolls please
    877,184 USD if you calculate it with 100$ §hark cards

    So maybe that's the reason the gold bar value in casino is about 22k lol

    Calvin if u read this.. Please heart my comment I spent some time to calculate this shit that no one gives a flying fuck about thanks if u do

  4. i just relized that he is older then me by only 5 yrs i thought he was like 18 yrs old all youtubers i know are older then 18 an some are 18

  5. Video 5 or trynna get him to use my challenge: elite hard mode worst hacker worst getaway driver worst gunman no optional setups only the setups your forced to do aggressive gold no decoy no sewers no heli strat

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