1. #RDMchallenge

    The Big Score 2.0 [obvious] :

    – Aggressive approach

    – Gold as target

    – Enter via sewers

    – Hard difficulty

    – Go to the buyer with helicopter (as Trevor and Lester does)

    – No optional preps

    – Page as hacker I guess

    – Try to hit the jackpot (Get all of the gold in the vault)

  2. #rdmchallenge
    'The real V.I.P'
    Yung ancestor big con.
    Any gunman,
    Any hacker,
    Any driver-car doesnt matter as you will be using the VIP car,
    Only VIP can collect the artwork, then cannot get shot at all, the rest must body block, if the VIP takes damage, (you will be able to tell because of money count) mission fail.
    Must take yung ancestor car Cus its fancayyy

  3. #RDMchallenge the FBI raid
    -Go in as janitors
    Exit disguise firefighters you must get Take a firetruck to the buyer
    – any hacker any driver any gunman
    Target any
    The host get the least amount the second player get the most amount

  4. #RDMchallenge

    Paleto Heist 2.0

    -aggressive enter and exit through the front door (or staff lobby your choice)
    -must have reinforced armor
    -do any additional setups
    -use Packie as gunman for LMG
    -must escape using train tracks (or train if your lucky and it’s going the right way)
    -must get more than 1 mill
    -target cash

    (Extras for good boy points)
    -explode at least 4 police cars
    -use a slow car (or a construction site
    car if you find one like the actual heist)
    -when exiting only one crew member can use LMG

    Sorry if it’s a lot but thanks if you do it 🙂 #RDMchallenge

  5. Nice video I've been watching for ages every one of your videos do you think we could do a diamond casino heist together one time my username Bryn6677_Youtube on ps4

  6. #rdmchallenge

    “Movie style heist”
    -Aggressive mode
    -Enter via the roof (any roof entrance)
    -Get out of the casino via the staff lobby
    -Crew: Packie McReary (any gun)
    Eddie Toh (Bravado Gauntlet Classic)
    Avi Schwartzman
    -Escape on the sewers
    -Do all optional preps

    Good Luck

    child's play
    Approach: silent and sneaky
    Target: gold or cash
    Melee or knockout everyone in the casino if can't and there is two people just kill them.
    When in the vault get 500k but not exact.
    When exiting the casino do what you want but use a pedestrian car or bike to escape
    Note: no this is not amazing or good nor is it even child play I just wanted to name it child's play.

  8. “One by One”

    Silent and Sneaky

    Entrance: Helipad


    Whatever crew members

    Target is Cash

    Idc the cuts

    No Preps but emp and night vision.

    3-4 players

    One kills one guard then the next player kills the next guard and so on, but… it’s melee only.
    And only use EMP when needed.
    Also try and get daily vault when entering and leaving.

    BONUS: Try to kill all guards.

  9. #RDMChallenge

    "The Larry Lawton"

    Silent & Sneaky
    Hard Mode

    Hacker: Avi Schwartzman
    Gunman: Chester Mccoy
    Driver: Taliana Martinez
    High Level Buyer
    Only optional preps you can do is EMP and Infiltration Suits
    Entrance: Waste Disposal
    Exit: Waste Disposal

    Now here's the twist:
    -First Person ONLY
    -No minimap
    -CANNOT BE SPOTTED AT ALL (even by the cops) OR YOU FAIL

  10. #rdmchallenge

    This challenge is just my suggestion but in a funny way for what is happening around the world, i'm the first one who's worried about this thing but, at the same time, i think that taking this too seriously can be dangerous for us, so this challenge is just for fun and for defusing this hard moment. Stay strong everybody, this situation will be resolved soon 💪💪
    Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹

    Coronavirus spread prevention challenge:

    Approach: stealth

    Target: artworks (the most clean target, since everybody will use gloves to touch them)

    Players: 4

    -Keep atleast 1 meter of distance from your team (the entire team will have to do that) except when you're forced to do that because the game tell you to do that.

    -No melee weapon kills (since Duggan's security could be infected)

    -No security deposit boxes (they are probably touched by lots of security guards)

    -Get outside (always avoiding to be close to your team and Duggan's security) and avoid NOOSE too staying far as much as possible from them.

    Vehicles: 4 bikes (since the entire team cannot stay close to each other it's better keeping distance even while running away from cops).

    -Use the sewer to run away from cops and then go to the buyers always keeping the distance from your team.

    -25% of the cut to everybody

  11. Lazy challenge

    Go aggressive do no optional preps
    Go the cheapest crew
    Target art
    Get all artwork
    Kill the least amount of people
    Choose any gun chose the worst cars no upgrades
    You do nothing your partner or partner’s do all the work
    No snacks or body armor may be used


    The lucky Cop

    Big con

    Exit disguise: Noose

    Gunman: Patrick(but using shotguns)
    Driver: your choice doesn't matter because you will use the Police Van
    Hacker: Avi Swartzman

    2 man heist
    Only one of you can use the Noose Exit disguise the other one needs to stay in the normal clothes

    Only the one who isn't changing in the Noose Outfit can rob the vault the other one waites for him

    Robber needs to atleast steal 1,25 million

    The one who gets the Noose outfit gets 85% of the cut
    He needs to lead the prisoner to the Noose Van and the prisoner gets inside of the van at the back

    Inside the casino only the prisoner can shot putside the casino only Cop

    Hope you enjoy the challenge and good luck doing it

  13. #RDMChallenge
    "The MW2 No Russian mission"
    -Aggressive approach
    – 4 players
    – Either difficulty
    – Main Door Entrance
    – Staff Lobby Exit or waste disposal exit
    – You have to kill everyone (including the normal workers)
    – Do whatever you want in the vault
    – if possible use an machine gun
    – if possible steal an ambulance once you're out
    – You can't run you can only walk with your gun ready
    – First Person

  14. The Boxer
    Approach:Slient and Sneaky
    Only allowed to use ur fist To attack no Guns no Melee just fists
    Not allowed to use first person
    Hacker:Paige Harris
    No Emp
    No stun guns
    No daily cash storage
    And Have fun

  15. #RDMChallenge
    “School Shooters”
    – 2 players
    – Approach: Aggressive
    – Target: Artwork
    – Must do Duggan Shipments and destroy all Shipments
    – No Reinforced Armour
    – Worst Gunman, Worst Driver, Best Hacker
    – Worst Vehicles
    – You must have the revolver load out
    – You can only use YOUR REVOLVER
    – NO ARMOUR, You can use as much snacks allowed
    – Entrance: Casino Main Entrance
    – Exit: Rooftop
    – Challenge: You CANNOT shoot the guards until they shoot you first
    – After you get outside and get rid of the cops, you must get them on you again
    – The other player gets 85%

  16. The "silent" and "sneaky" heist

    Silent and sneaky
    Any crew you want
    Go through the staff door and walk in front of all cameras, walk through all metal detectors (without stunning)
    Kill everyone by shooting
    Any target
    Any prep other than Dugan shipments
    High level buyer
    Exit staff door

    Oh and yeah, set the alarm off instantly.

    Good luck 😉

  17. #RDMChallenge
    "Loud and not sneaky at all"
    -2 players
    -gold glitch
    -any crew
    -silent and sneaky
    -any entrance any exit
    Challenge: the heist must become agressive after you leave the vault, activate emp and don t kill anyone(u can eat snacks)
    Good luck!

  18. #DMRChallenge Paleto Bay heist 2.0 Get Packie McRearry as gunmen, get 2nd best driver, get any hacker, get reinforced armor, use the heaviest weapon, aggressive approach, get max take (Any content) lose some money by NPC’s (Minimum:$90K Maximum:200K. This part should be a little difficult, keeping them between those two numbers) kill all guards, and have a mid level buyer. Have fun! 🙂

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