Hedge 2 Win at Casino Craps is the latest Color Up challenge video. We see how the dice do not care how you bet, sometimes they can find a way to beat your hedge and beat you.

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  1. I will bet you , that if you play my system the way i tell you , i will win.

    The bet is one cup of coffee WITH MILK, NO SUGAR.

    On the come out PLAY 5 dollars on the DON'T PASS ,once the point is established bet for me the 6 and 8 for 5 dollars each, yes i said 5 dollars.
    If the number that is established IS the 6 or 8 PLEASE bet 5 dollars on it.

    Once i hit the first 6 or 8 , please RACK my 5 dollar win, i can not lose to the casino now.

    on my secound hit on the 6 or 8, play my 5 dollar win on the 5.
    on my next hit on the 6 or 8 or 5 PLAY me the 9 for 5 dollars.

    now i will be playing the inside FREE all night, till the shooter 7 out.

    Please try this system on your show AND at the casino for real. Thank you.

  2. I have said this before and I will say it again…
    Here's a strategy.
    Qualify the table before making a bet by
    keeping track of the 7's.
    My ONE bet here was after that 9 showed bet $50 field and because the 7's were so close a $5 hedge on any 7.
    + $45 over bankroll.

  3. No 10 come out roll only. EVERTIME . Leave when 10 shows or you have won enough that day. Repeat daily. Trick is leave when 10 shows on loosing days. Watch your weekly positive cash flow come in.

  4. I use to do a $100 don't and do $160 across, try to get 3 numbers before I would come down. Its unbelievable how 3 points were hit on first roll after point?! So now, if I play like this and I get knocked down initially, I just go with the shooter without the don't. Also, instead of just playing $5 dollars on that pass line, I'll take advantage of that 7 and 11 and bet $25. You have a 2/1 advantage!

  5. Yes you can bet on the SEVEN and give he evil house 16.7% of your money each time. You can lay against numbers and give up 5%, or you can bet the don’t and lay odds which would be the best bet on the table. If you play, you should bet the don’t every time laying maximum odds every time.

  6. Actually I bet pass line and come with maximum odds including odds on come bets working on come out rolls all the time. I never make any other bets. I bet the don’t and don’t come on all other shooters unless I think they may be hot. If the casino changes the dice, I bet the don’t. New dice with very sharp edges roll seven more often. I also lay maximum odds on don’t bets. I never bet more money than I can afford to lose. Even advantage players can go broke by over betting their bankroll if they suffer short run variance that goes against them.

  7. Yes. The sharper corners make the SEVEN come up more often. That’s why the casinos change the dice on lucky shooters when the table is hot. I’ve noticed that the change of the dice kills the lucky streak. The sharper corners grab onto the felt and cause to dice to random out against a dice setter. You don’t want to ever bet against a dice setter. They are easy to spot because they set the dice and throw them the same way all the time. They try to hit same same spot in front of the back wall reach time.

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