Welcome back to my channel! This is a system for my high action players who love to play a lot of hands! Don’t be impatient people! But if you really can’t help yourself, then the ‘HA! System’ might be for you.

Also, I had some questions to my viewers in the beginning of this video. I know you have a minute to comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I would seriously look at another casino. I have never seen such a disjointed and interrupted game, probably designed to destroy your concentration!
    The casino does not need to cheat to make money – their margin is built in.
    However, I do believe they can certainly track you and identify you on the table. I also believe they have an indication if you have any other apps running at the same time. Always looking for things that may disadvantage them. I am sure if you play a variety of styles it will be harder for them to build a profile on you.
    If you are playing on a "Live" on line table it is hard to see how they could disadvantage 1 player and not affect the rest either in a positive way or negative way. Possibly if the case warrants it they don't care about the collateral.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the share. Looks interesting. Will practice and see how it works and find its week points.

    Mu experience with pattern systems is it always turns against you. Especially when using marty or fib.

    But this keeps it to a low loss. 36 units.
    Deance = 1+2+3=6ร—6=36 units
    Marty = 1+2+4=7ร—6=42 units

    Thanks for the share. Cheers.

  3. USA: 5dimes, Xbet, Bovada – (all same casino) you can buy in using Visa debit and Bitcoin – you can cash out via wire check or bitcoin – bitcoin is the fastest takes 2 days for review then 1 day to go to your BTC wallet then another 2-3 days to go from your BTC wallet to bank account. Every bet is tracked and you can see the history, Sometimes I think theyโ€™re cheating because Iโ€™ll win a lot then all of a sudden a downward spiral. But then again I play too much I need to get out the game.

  4. If at the completion of the 3 columns you have not reached your target of 3 – 5 units I understand you restart.
    Do you still bet the first column on 1 unit or progress to 4 units?

  5. This is very interesting. It seems pretty low risk. I like how you can come in anywhere in the shoe. I might give it some play with low units. I would go 4-5-6 max only if down after 1st 1-2-3 card.
    I think I like this better than the no mirror method.

  6. Hi Mister Rafeal, wow, another eye opening strategy, thanks.
    We can only choose these 3 patterns : BBP, PPB, BPB ?
    How about other pattern like BBB, PPP, PBP, BPP, PBB ?

  7. Hi Rafael. I just did a full shoe test with your HA system using low units with live dealer of course. I played from start of the shoe until about last 3/4.
    I used the same BBP pattern on all games. Here are the results.
    -2,-1,+6,+6 = +9 units
    very impressive. I like it alot. Of course I wouldn't play it like this. I think though it can be played until you gain 3-5 units. Like if you lose on 1st game just start another game in same shoe until you gain 3-5 units. I think as long as you keep with the same pattern on every game because you will catch the swings at some point.
    I'm gonna keep using it & see how it does.
    Keep you posted
    Thank you!!

  8. This system is gold. I beat a RNG on a consistent basis. It usually beats me up with any system in the past. I take profits at 3-5 units and walk away. Look forward to playing live dealer. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thanks for your entertaining videos on bead road patterns/probability. I will admit I haven't seen any of these old bead systems in quite some time other than Casino Amigos No Mirror. Not taking anything away from you but these systems have been around forever and do not work in the long run especially on Pre-determined Shuffle King shoes at brick and mortar casinos for real money. I did a test on the HA system on 50 shoes that I played at my local casino earlier this year. Used BBP. Betting system 1,2,3 as shown in your video. The results were as follows: Won 20 sessions between 3-6 units. Lost 30 sessions between 1- 16 units. 3 sessions netted me a loss of 15 units, 16 units, 16 units. My biggest winning session was 6 and yes if I was up my 3 units I would quit. Bad luck? You be the judge. I did subscribe to help you reach 1k. Keep the videos coming.

  10. What happens if you lose the 1st 3 hands, win the next 3 hands, than you lose the next 3 hands, pa on the next 3 hands than lose the next 3 hands, do you keep playing across till you hit your target.
    E.g.. Your playing BBP and the cards come out like this.
    PPPBBB PPPxxx PPPxxx (x = no bet)

  11. my style of play, i count cards in baccarat. A to 3 = +1, 4= +2, 5-7-8-9 = -1, 6= -2 and 10 though K= 0. i play T every 8 hands, if i win on T then i play T again. when i see a 3 or 6 on banker, my next play is on player.

  12. 22 hands i play, after that it flattens out, if a two long runs happen at the start i cash after to 2nd long run ends and take my profit and take a break for 20 minutes and then go back to the table.

  13. Maybe I'm not understanding your system correctly. But it seems like it's one that's hard to win with.

    Worst case scenario you lose all 6 rows and will be down 36 units. Best case scenario you win all 6 rows in the first or 2nd column and be up 6 units.

    If you lose even 1 bet on the 3rd column you will be down 1 unit.

    Seems like the chances of winning a block is very unlikely.

  14. So I played one game this way. I played BBP. Started with $100 I lost 7.00. It went like this, player went 5 in a row, than b. 2nd row 4 players in row than b on the 5th I take my free on 6 because it won on the first row. 3rd row 1st is b the next two are players, than one banker I take free hand because it on the 2nd row… I bet my last player and lose. It goes to show you can lose still with this idea. Keep in mind I got rocked on that player run. But only losing 7.00 is nothing to worry about. Do your homework people, there is no sure win in Baccarat. Take your 3 to 5 and fight another day.

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