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  1. (I like this system) I followed along with a few modifications and ended up making 56 units.

    I didn't bet the tie. On a loss I would go from 1 unit to 3 units (standard 1/3/7/15, never had to go above 15 units)
    Instead of switching sides on a tie (like I would see sometimes happen) I left it where it was and those would typically result in wins.

    On a win (from a regressive bet) I would go back down to 1 unit and start the progressive betting on a subsequent win.

    I'm going to watch a few of your other bacc videos and run these modifications on those deals, but I could see trying this out at the casino. 🙂

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  3. This is a great example showing that there is no betting system that works. If you want to beat the Casino put the work in and learn Basic Blackjack Srrategy, once we've done that learn how to count. Practice every day for a few months and you'll be ready.

  4. I usually do this system I bet on the winner and MG the losses and I usually do good. I have found that gold coast and Caesars usually have streaky shoes just in case anyone wants to try out this strategy

  5. Systems dont work for bacarat…u also need to study more the history and screen…alot of u guys just bet on what u feel..go play roulette then…take ur time..bacarat is patience…dont play every hand….wait for the streaks n runs…then ride longest streak was hittin 14 hands in a row…and it was alot of back n forth from player to banker at times too…it was actually my first time playin bacarat down at Harrahs in san diego high limit…I probably play bacarat 4-5 times a year…10hour sessions…buy in $5k….always cash out $10k profit..

  6. A pretty nice system I came across is called Baccarat Prosperity. It has some rave reviews on Amazon. I don't know if it would be respectful to the author to reveal it on a video though.

  7. Do the dealer call out the card count like you are here and like they do online? Ya boy is dumb as a rock. If the dealer isn’t calling it out by the time I add it up 3 hands have been delt

  8. "I play Follow the Last Decision, because this is what I have observed as a dealer"!! I lose on the chops which mathematically consist of 50% of all results, this is why you should never listen to any dealer and why casinos love players like this, this video is ridiculous.

  9. The average wins (or losses) in one direction is 2.5, right?
    Bet the same direction once and chase once the other way. Lose short, go short. Lose long, go long.
    Either way, increase to a win and same level to a loss until you show a profit.

  10. Why you Note Deal card Draw card's Like Evolution Gaming Speed Baccarat

    1st 1card for Player
    2 card for Banker
    3rd Player
    4 Th Banker

    & Show us score board also
    Big Road ..!

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