Sorry for being away so long guys! Hopefully this review makes up for it but I’m back in the swing of things and I’m already researching my next review. Thanks for being so patient! 🙂

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  1. Commenting for the YouTube algorithm. In hopes it will help this video to reach more people. Providing them with truly interesting entertainment as it did for me
    Well done!!!

  2. Doing a hit on that woman, holding the other side of her head. He would've shot himself in the hand. Oh well, makes a change from shooting himself in the foot, i suppose lol

  3. So the hit that killed the real Tony and his brother was kinda like the hit from Goodfellas only they beat them to death with their fists which is super brutal. Also … how in the hell did a farmer find a grave that deep? was like a damn crater

  4. The Chicago outfit was a different kinda “mafia” they weren’t really a mafia bc they didnt have the old Sicilian traditions that New York had. The outfit didn’t really differentiate between made Italians and non Italians the outfit had tons of non Italian guys in super high positions.

  5. Definitely interesting how everything fell apart for Spilatro along with the FBI investigations right around the time it was rumored he slept with Lefty's wife.

  6. Lots of facts wrong in here–for example, at 10:22 –where the 'host' says Lefty introduced sportsbooks into casino…completely wrong…Las Vegas and Reno casinos like the Flamingo Hotel Casino, in the 1940's, had sportsbooks…

  7. Too bad the movie told the story of Ginger and her lover that way but since the movie is about Las Vegas, bad mouthing pimps is always a good thing – because those guys are scum.

  8. For what it's worth, it's definitely more accurate that Goodfellas. Pileggi wrote Goodfellas based on interviews with a very unreliable Henry Hill. His wife, Nora Ephron, also wrote the movie My Blue Heaven (starring Steve Martin and Rick Moranis for anyone unsure what type of movie it is) based on those notes. It shows how much of a clown Hill was and that you really couldn't believe much that came out of his mouth. But the whole "trick into thinking they were becoming a made man" thing did hit Pesci's character in Goodfellas so that seems intentional as well.

  9. I've watched this review between 7-20 times (listen to this channel to sleep) and today I actually decided to watch the movie.
    I am speechless, this movie makes goodfellas look like some poorly made garbage. I think this is my new favorite movie

  10. I really enjoyed the video.
    Thank you for taking the time to make it and upload it for us all to enjoy.
    Please don’t forget this was a movie not a documentary.

  11. No movie has ever nailed what my parents were like leading up to their divorce quite like Casino. My mom was the nuttiest on paper but my dad was just a monster. Marriage made in Hell. Casino Rules

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