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  1. i hurd another thing to do is to basically assume that since the dealer is the only player in a blackjack game to get a the 1 face up 1 face down combo if you assume that face down card is a 10 you can place your bets around that too since theres only 16 ten's in a deck of cards
    4 kings
    4 queens
    4 jacks
    4 10's
    i also found me winning some money from this idea as well i didn't really count cards i was just watching to see how many 10's we have on the table vs how many 10's we haven't seen

  2. Casinos can make card counting ineffective simply by automatically counting the cards, then reshuffling whenever the count gets high. The reason they don’t bother is that reshuffling wastes time and ends up costing them more overall money than just letting the card counter win a little.

  3. Casinos WANT to perpetuate the myth of “easy money card counting”. Because for every good card counter who plays perfect, there are 100 wannabe BAD card counting clowns, lured in by the dream of big money, trying to beat the casino, but make mistakes like going with hunches or simply are lousy at counting.

  4. The casino has a 0.5% edge in blackjack, only if assuming the player is using basic strategy flawlessly. Most people that go to casinos don't play any table game "optimally" which gives the casinos even more of an advantage.

  5. Sorry, but advantage players are NOT a major threat to casinos. Cheating and stealing by staff and players is by far a bigger threat. Even dealer errors cost the casinos more than advantage players. Sure, some folks do make money and some even make good money, but casinos have learned MOST of their tricks and so most advantage players can no longer make large sums of money. Even so, casinos do still have vulnerabilities, but since they track pretty much everyone, even the best skilled player will eventually be caught simply because he or she is making money, which is going to show up one way or another. The casino might never even know HOW they are getting beat, but they will just ban anyone who is winning consistently. Erog, their overall exposure is fairly small even though a few people can make a good living as gamblers.

    As far as stopping card counters….Most casinos are very good at finding counters are rarely kick out losing players. In most situations, skilled blackjack players will move around a lot.

    As for the methods used by highly knowledgeable players… There are many and this video only scratches the surface and none of these involve theft or cheating. Most of the big money is not being made at blackjack. However, the information presented is sound.

  6. I don't tip casino dealers. Even though they're minimum wage or whatever and depend on tips, why should I subsidize the casino's greed and wealth by paying their own employee's wages?

  7. The casino has a huge edge on the average player, and 99% if people who think they can count cards can not. They make so much money that black jack doesn't really mater all that much to them especially advantage players.

  8. I watch my friend blow 240$ in one bet and I said hay f$%k it im gana go get a sandwich. Guess witch one of us got the sandwich and still had about 235$ to spend

  9. If I was a casino I would openly allow card counting, you would make more from idiots who think they have it figured out and really don't, and people who convince themselves they are winning players with minimal knowledge of counting when in reality they have little to know idea.

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