my canon decided 4GB was the largest file it wants to deal with so it cut me off..
i went over everything i think except for discussing commissions.
if the guest wagers on the banker and the banker side wins the guest is paid at 1-1 odds minus a 5% commission..
usually in most casinos the commission is “marked up” in a box on the table.
the guest owes that amount of money in the box and is usually settled at the end of every shoe or when then supervisor informs you.

thanks for watching.

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  1. Hey John, this has to be the best explanation of how mini baccarat is played. I work in surveillance & have to know all the ins and outs of the games and I learned a lot with this video. Thank you for simplifying how the game is played. Good job!!!

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  3. i love the video but i think the card with the when to hit info, the player and banker should be opposite so when you put it up infront of the cards the player is above the player cards and the banker side is above the banker cards. just something little that would help i think

  4. "1:58" Перечень лицензионных игровых автоматов можно посмотреть тут: .кстати к выбору online казино необходимо также подходить правильно. Само собой, например если вы играете в вулкане то вы ни одного раза не выиграете бабки, а например если подойти к этому вопросу умнее тогда сможете представлять, что имеются такие как эльдорадо казино, написанные мошенниками и не отвечающие ни за что, а бывают игорные заведения с выданной лицензией, там подстройка игровых автоматов исключена. Так что не стоит решать только по левым сайтам.

  5. Hi, I love your videos on Baccarat. Do you know anything about midi Baccarat? If so could you publish a video concerning that? I am about to start dealing midi bac and I need a few pointers. Thanks!

  6. I got this………banker has to draw when player has 122344473838. And player has 2848347484848….. but only when player draws 38484848383833838…….but when a 1 banker has 46262623737….has to take another card then they have 7484838338…..I got it!!!

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