How to Money making Baccarat, What’s the Best system, How to Betting style,
Mirror system and Debbie’s system video Investing
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system MONEY MONEY
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is

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  1. WHAT. ? No Guarantees..??
    What you talking about Wilson..
    That’s because you are not charging for your knowledge..LOL Like Christopher Mitchell dose..?
    Thanks again and Cha Ching..
    Cheers Famo59 👍🍻🤓

  2. most systems are effective if the shoe is in favor with your system… in the long run it goes the opposite.
    because cards are shuffled. all shoe are shuffled. hence. there is a beginning and ending in baccarat

  3. There are 2 parts to the game. The FACTS and the FALLACIES. Both are to be implemented at all times. Remember MATH to gambling is like SCIENCE to religion. No one can say which is right or wrong. I hate it when people compare things that we do in everyday life to gambling. In life, when things are right, they are right. It's just how good it is. But in Gambling, a right can be a wrong and a wrong can be a right. Many people will always use the word LUCK to associate with gambling which is very true but we can however position ourselves to get lucky although we can't manufacture it. What we try to avoid is Bad Luck. So think of avoiding the Bad rather than trying to chase the Good.
    "Wentao Wang"

  4. Every betting system, except Martingale, requires you to either win more hands than you lose or win several hands in a row to come out ahead. The benefit (and attraction) of Martingale is that your next bet could wipe out all of your losses and possibly put you back ahead. The negative of this betting system is when you lose, your losses are many times more than the 1 unit you are hoping to win. That makes setting a reasonable stop-loss nearly impossible. For those of you who would like to gamble for a living and use Martingale, do the following: subtract 63 units from your winnings if you use a 6-step Martingale, 127 units for 7-steps, 255 for 8-steps, etc. The difference is your true profit because sooner or later you will run into a losing streak. I personally prefer the 1 up on a loss & 1 down on a win method where I go back to a 1 unit bet once I’m back ahead and I set my stop-loss at 30 units and my win-stop at 10 units.

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